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  1. That was my 38th egg. Heading well deservedly for bed now. Have a nice Easter every body
  2. Omg one more egg and I'm done collecting! I started 2 p.m and is 12:17 a.m now, tiiiireed. But it has been a very great event, relaxing and fun. Thanks to the spiriters and TJ for arranging this for us. I really have enjoyed this
  3. I don't see any differences, it looks completely identical
  4. 34/38, my eyes are turning square shaped soon e.e
  5. Doh, sorry, here http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=87666 :3
  6. *gigglesnorts* That and frozen soda on can, I had a friend who forgot a cola can in his freezer e hehe, um, wrecked metal with funny crystallized stuff?
  7. Argh, I still need to collect 11 moar eggs before I'm up to the 38 eggies, comon, faster faster faster
  8. Oh dear, poor bunny awsome joke
  9. I second that, this event or any event for that matter, is of own free will. Is not like TJ will butcher people for being away from DC to stay with ones family
  10. I missed a drop because I had to feed my wonderful budgies Suddenly I ended up having 6-7 budgies sitting on my arms and hands feeding from the bowls I was holding in each hand
  11. They will appear every where (expect forum), they can be at the top of the page, middle of the page or bottom of the page, they can be at the scroll or other peoples scrolls, also at the cave or the abandoned area
  12. There will appear a basket on the top on your scroll, you click it and the eggs you collected will be there. Any eggs you click will end up there, no where else
  13. Every where on DC (except the forum), every 10 to 12 minutes.
  14. No body can help collecting the eggs for you, only you can see them and collect them, if any one collected them for you, they would end up in their basket instead