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  1. Heh yeah its going on... Some classes are slower than others and I haven't had much updates so yep... 3: Sorry for everyone who is on a waiting list!
  2. eat souls as much as they...
  3. Granted, but it will make you really annoyed. I wish I could shapeshift.
  4. rstlafims Rest stars tonight, let all flying immature mammals sing losdhf
  5. Avtar: 9/10 Nice :3 Name: 5/10 No caps and numbers Siggy: 7/10 its ok
  6. The troll has come upon me :c (And that is going to be while wearing a troll face mask hopefully lol) Or I am Kira > OR Don't worry :3 at least I'll go to the soul society (Yes you can tell I am totally not obsessed with Anime)
  7. Ok :c Sadly there is really only one option left, you guys should try pms, its more difficult and it takes a lot longer, but unfortunately you guys might have to just take classes by PM. @Miggy Yes :l someone decided to post something that shouldn't have been posted. I am making a new chat room but I really would appreciate it if people did post inappropriate pictures or videos. If people keep doing that then we will have a different type of chat which I know will work. I have updated the student list :c sorry for the long waiting list! @All teachers Please post here or pm me if a student has graduated a level so I can update the student list. :3 Thanks!
  8. :c This thread is still up! You can still get a teacher or be on the waiting list! And I just wanted to say that the old chat got deleted again so here's the new one. Please don't be afraid to enter! http://www.chatzy.com/122559597796
  9. I'm a bit confused as to why everyone thinks that they will become common. My Tinsel hasn't bred any tinsels everytime it always breeds the other egg and even with fertility. I think that they are just breeding well (for other people) Because they are trying to catch up to the mettallic ratios. So once they are there, they will probably breed just like mettallics. I think tinsels are really pretty but unfortunately I only have one (Which I am grateful I even have one) but sad that it never breeds.
  10. Saying embarrassing Internet memes on accident. Once I was sitting at my lunch table with my class mates and someone asked "Do we have an assembly today?" Then someone answered "no" Right before I did, and I quickly said NINJAED! Luckily nobody heard me . I will post more stories when I can think of them.


    I decided to become active again :3 Please click And
  12. I wait for the eggs/hatchies to become er's and er them with 5 hatcheries. Then fog em. :3 (I don't like putting them on fansites)
  13. I have a bronze Tinsel. My tinsel doesn't even breed bronzes very often... :c I have bred it at least 5 times and only one time it produced an egg. My friends don't have tinsels so I will gift them tinsels first (After gifting a few people IOU's) and then I am going to do random abandoning. But guys I always see tinsels in the ap. Maybe they are trades... but I see them. Just for those wanting one. :3 There are people who will gift. But they gift to those who are friends first. Just wait. Then some of those people might hold lines (Like me :3)

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    http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http:/...s:0&tx=59&ty=53 lol I remember that