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    Is there an easy way to get Fresh Water? It hasn't been appearing in the store, and I don't have enough Pass Orbs to get the power that allows me to view things not currently in the shop... Also, It doesn't seem to be appearing in the back room...


    How come on the shine recorder next to site wide hunt (for Roggenrola) it says "Winners: 0/2,321" ?


    Could anyone give me the steps for Tour of Illusions exploration, while I wait for it to become daytime so I could evolve my Lucario? Thanks!


    Raticate has Pokerus, for anyone who wants to try to get it. I would appreciate clicks on the Riolu, I need it to become a Lucario for my quest.... Thanks!
  5. Contest entry : I used Samurott for the base I used Espeon's gem and put it on the body I used Unown's coloring on the main part of the body I used Mew's tail I used Mightyena's tail on the tip of the other tail. I hope it wasn't too late! D:
  6. Sorry if I missed it, but when does the contest end?
  7. I can't seem to find where they are, which cave are they in? Thanks!
  8. I would like to join! I will start collecting them this month! :3
  9. So what type of things will get us into the raffle? /confused And I love the wreath and dragons! :3 They are so cute!


    Luckily, because I loved the beetles so much I saved them, but not the eggs are the little beetles :c


    D: Arvyre is down! Please tell me it isn't down for good...
  12. I love this site! :3 http://www.thesporkedken.com/adopt/profile...?user=rabbit153 Though I can't seem to figure out this week's puzzles... Help please?
  13. Interesting site... Is it just random animals or specific kinds?


    You should wait till episode 192 then Nel is truly hilarious. And now I have started reading the manga and watching the anime, and I finished the series... but Now I am starting to hate Ichigo.
  15. Lol got one of every pet :3 They look really cute!
  16. My dad collects books... o_o we have a whole attic of them, at least 5 secret cabinets of them, and his whole study is full of them, and he buys at least 2/3 books a week/2 weeks. I don't really collect anything... Because after I start collecting stuff I get bored of it and then start collecting something else and then that's the end of it. I mostly hoard stuff.
  17. Wow these are so pretty :3 I locked myself with 4 oranges and 1 blue Though... :3 I know what one of the adults look like. I am so happy these were released!
  18. My first release was the Christmas '09 dragons... though I was on vacation so I didn't get any... Fail.
  19. wsodfdfajamld Would she order ducks for Dave? For Animals Jelly America melds low ducks. shglaghao; *Pokes purplehaze* (10)
  20. 10, 075 *Pokes Fortune86* (2)