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    ► Wishlist ◄

    --- = pending

    Under Construction

    ►Holiday Matches◄
    ♂Radiant Angel from RA x Solstice
    ♀Solstice from RA x Solstice
    ♀Red Nebula from RA x Red Nebula
    ♀Blue Banded from RA x Blue Banded

    ►2nd Gen Purebred◄
    2x Alt Vine ♀
    4x Alt Black 2♂ 2♀

    ►2nd Gen Rare◄
    1x Gold from Black♂ x Gold♀
    1x Silver from Silver♂ x Frill♀
    1x Silver from Tea♂ x Silver♀
    1x Gold from Gold♂ x Turpentine♀
    1x Holly *sobs quietly*
    Any Prize Dragon, any lineage, any colour

    GoN♂ x Solstice♀
    GoN♂ x Rosebud♀
    GoN♂ x Blue Nebula♀
    Desipis♂ x GoN♀
    A Creation mate: http://dragcave.net/lineage/tM6yg

    ►Lineage Projects◄
    CB Ember eggs or male hatchies
    CB Albino eggs or female hatchies


    ►From Me◄

    2G Ruby Gem from Sweetling
    2G Swallowtail from Rosebud
    2G Tan Ridge from Rosebud

    ►To Me◄


    Q: I see you've won a Gold Tinsel. Are you accepting breeding requests/trades?
    A: No, at this time my breeding lists are currently closed. I will update my profile when they are open again.

    Q: Why are they closed?
    A: Due to being offline for several years, I am catching up with previous requests and don't want to overwhelm myself. The wait time is already going to be crazy.

    ► Breeding List ◄

    ►Burn Out Bright◄

    • izuzi0 - x Waterhorse
    • moon89 - x Gaia / Mageia Xenowyrm or Royal Blue
    • InugamiZERO - x something fun - INACTIVE, message me if you come back


    • Pryanka - Any
    • Evangeline - Ice

    ►Refusal List◄


    Last bred: Nov 22, 2018