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  1. ah damn that'd be why. i was asleep an hour ago
  2. its now been upwards of a entire 2 days ive checked every 5 or so minutes still no leetle tree spawning in the forest :'(
  3. ive been refreshing for over 5 hours for a leetle tree....i havent seen ONE spawn
  4. are leetle trees available in the holiday section? or are they only in the forest. are they even obtainable right now?
  5. i only draw feral animals, mythical creatures, or anthros :'( sorry
  6. yo thats cool!! i love feral stuff. i love drawing more realistic styles too.
  7. ;o; thank you hehe....i guess. i pm'd ya
  8. heyo thought i'd share some of my art. you can find me at: https://kiramii.deviantart.com/ i dont do requests, only commissions just gonna put it all here hehe
  9. Forum name: Kirami PM link: (idk how to find this? so i hope this works) https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=53429 List of Christmas Dragons I need: aegis! a long time dreamy of mine
  10. is this an appropriate place to ask for breeders willing to breed me an aegis egg? i would love to take the vow if i had one
  11. toph

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    FFFF i cant even get one egg D: its so hard.... *slow computer*