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  1. *raises from the dead saying that I love these worms (pygmies??) and will cherish them*
  2. Yay new release! Happy birthday DC! The new features were well overdue too.
  3. Was a bit late -- already love the red/"warm glow" ones! Especially the hatchling versions.
  4. cb moonstone pair, both male and female: Claim my eggs/hatchlings! claimed by legofrodo!
  5. The currently being released page in DC Wiki has all of the hours! Though you have better luck catching any firegem and asking for a colorswap on trading threads.
  6. Saw 2 of the firegems in the top of the hour btw, so they still exist. They weren't on the right side though so I couldn't get them...
  7. It's also an important distinction that CB Gold/Silver hunting never reaches beyond 10-19 people (in my experience) across different biomes. In this situation, 70-120 people are looking for one species in this one biome.
  8. I think it's not unreasonable to drop them like cave blockers for like 24 hours or something. This species required you to be there at a certain place or time to get a certain variant, and some variants showed hints of at least user-run rareness (some majority having no problem getting red gems and asking for blue/green gems). edit: BTW, I LOVE the green gems and tetras especially!
  9. 7 hours later, STILL 110+ people. MAN
  10. I think it's too early to say what rarity they are as everyone is barely having their second clutch (if they decide to grab more than their previous clutch, assuming they caught it on the exact date of release). Hopefully they'll be, at most, as rare as xenowyrms -- i.e. although all of them are considered uncommon (barely rare?), some variants of xenos are more desirable than others. Sure seemed like that, too, at first, lol.
  11. nope, tho i've been only looking at the cave on top of the minute or hour (:00, :05, etc.).
  12. Hooooooly damn, 120+ people hunting in the cave. edit: well now I jinxed myself. 110+.
  13. Aren't dinos considered to be uncommons, not rares? also on a side-note, i saw a crystal! IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE
  14. Red crystal! Provide a dummy egg cause I'd prefer the crystal to go to someone who doesn't have red crystals. Will accept one once my first class of today ends.
  15. Where's that thread where people thank other people and they get 'awards' for helping other people? (No, not the thank you thread) Celly needs one, lol. Since I am slightly more on the luckier side, I feel inclined to do a similar thing but I can only reliably get eggs on ungodly hours (12 midnight PST) and also I'm egglocked.
  16. Addition to Romulan's comment: The caveborn eggs show up as "This rough egg has shimmering veins of crystal running across its surface.", i.e. you can't tell its color until you've picked it up, or you've been looking at Jazeki's guide that's being reposted every now and again.
  17. Putting this out for people who are more well-prepared to continue these. Taken!
  18. S/O for the people who mass-bred those magis that are filling up the AP atm!
  19. ^, artist is as Word-of-God-y DC can get, bar TJ being like "No, you can't do that." edit: requoting Jazeki's post: so it should be greens now (I think)
  20. I kind of wish frozen hatchlings s2'd now. The s2 hatchlings are cool af. Got all of the colors btw! FINALLY
  21. btw, if anyone is curious what the new crystals are being released, its reds atm. the cycles seem to follow the breeds listed in order in the OP, so the next crystals that are gonna be produced in the next hour are green crystals
  22. Oh yeah, I see em now. They're cute af.
  23. Wait, I just realized TJ's eggs have hatched... Are the crystal hatchlings blind or something? edit: if you're still having trouble catching eggs, the St. Patrick's skin loads the fastest. Plus disabling images + javascript helps a lot. And also catch things when it's top of the hour -- the 5-minute drops empty out way too fast at the moment.
  24. Ye, to get people on the down low: "Faint markings" are found in Coast/Jungle "Shimmering veins of crystals" are found in Volcano and the color cycles per hour, so it'll be back to blue after this hour. Since it was red before the hour and now I got a green one this hour's drop.
  25. I knew something suspicious was up when I started seeing the empty cave flavortext. Ha! I didn't know this involved multiple types cause I nabbed two of the "faint markings" eggs, locking me. Hmm.