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  1. Does anyone know how long judging will take? How long will we have to wait to find out who the winners are?
  2. Mostly..., noes, I like to play computer games ( pokemon was/is a favorite of mine), and never did outgrow fantasy type stories. I and my teenage sis get along fine, mostly. I can be "Responsible when I wnat , but I know how to relax and be myself also.
  3. Thanks, Skauble! And good luck to you as well!
  4. I KNOW what I would pick if I got HM- A gold Dragon, don't have one yet and would LOVE to get one.
  5. Hey. I do not know whether mine is anything good enough to win, but I have my tree how I think I want it. I plan on entering and seeing what comes, you know? I figure I enjoyed decorating, especially figuring out what to do with those beautiful dragon decorations, and you lose nothing by entering your creation. It certainly will be interesting to see what others have come up with.
  6. Actually, I have a killer idea for my dragon ornaments. I m super excited about the contest. I wonder, will we be able to comment on trees. For example, I really liked...?
  7. I have kinda made up my mind to decorate my tree how looks good to me and have fun doing so. Winning would be nice, of course but I am sure gonna try not to get any hopes up on that one.
  8. A tie between my silver and my snow angel holly. My holly is GORGEOUS, and that was the first holiday dragon I ever got. My silver is probably the rarest thing I have, though...
  9. Any word from the great and respected TJ as to when we may expect these wonderful things to come our way?
  10. I also hear you have to be REALLY super careful about how it is prepared because if you aren't it can be deadly toxic.
  11. My name came about as the result of a nickname my college freinds gave me( has more to do with tigers than with cofee, though that part fits, too).
  12. Pokes nose into thread. Hey to all! I wonder has anyone on here heard of Nonverbal Learning Disorder? I guess it is something rather like Asperger's.
  13. JavaTiger

    10 on 10-10-10

    I now have one each of the new dragons , so I am satisfied. Thanks to the makers of the sprites , the black eggie ones especially are so cool!
  14. JavaTiger

    10 on 10-10-10

    Glad to know it wasn't just me that noticed that- slow I-nets maybe?
  15. Wolves are pretty cool, as are the big cats ( lions, tigers, leopards and such). Such animals are beautiful. Are they potentially dangerous, yes; but I think, perhaps that is part of the thrill of sharing our world with creatures like these.
  16. OOPPPS, my bad. * Makes note to self- Next time check the whole thread before posting. facepalms self *
  17. Hiya to all. I just wanted to put in my 2 cents worth. I personally am not against eating meat, but nor am I against those who choose not to ( as long as they don't try to persuade me that I am ethically wrong for eating meat ). I think that this is a personal choice on a person's part and all.I think personally it is OK as long as the animal was well cared for and not mistreated. I am not sure I could give up eating meat (especially chicken and turkey, yum) and definitely would have a hard time giving up dairy ( I LOVE milk). On that though my fam definitely eats more poultry than red meat. For those who choose to abstain from meat, that is cool with me too. On another note I have noticed noone else brought this up; anyone else bothered by folks who put their pets ( dogs and cats , for example), creatures that are basically carnivores by nature and require meat for proper nutrition ( more so than we humans) on vege diets simply because they do not believe in eating meat. I do not think this is cool.
  18. Era for sure. I am a fan of this series ( fun reading), though not Crazy fangirlish about it. Never read the other, and it doesn't look all that like my type of book. IMO Era could kick both edward and jacob's sorry butts, and that without saphira's help . Everyone is entitled to their opinion, of course.
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    My family has three Cats. We call them the furry beasties because of the mischief they like to make, some of which does not make my mom( who is not a cat person) very happy. One is a big tortie-tabby, the second is a black cat and the third is a tabby. The calicoish one is mine and I love to pick her up and hug her.
  20. I am sure that TJ will get it sorted out and corrected with time though. I have to say that I love the new releases and am a happy camper over all.
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    That would be super awsome!!!!
  22. JavaTiger


    Me just had a thought. Supposing that it is another pokemon attack that is behind all of this... as in TELEPORT!!!! That might take a good several hours to get worked out as a BSA and hence the downtime... Let me know what you guys think...
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    Maybe we can get pikachu to get these magikarp to stop dominating DC? Pikachu's thundershock would be threat enough to make them see reason.
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    LOL! Love this, Gyrados kicks some major poke butt!