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  1. DC world is really special. Today I had somebody ask me to trade for an uncommon CB egg they discovered on my scroll. I gifted them the egg, as I seem to have no trouble catching them from time to time. And just hours later I got gifted a 2nd Gen Prize egg, just out of the blue. Karma at work? Thanks to all gifters and traders and the whole DC Community! <3
  2. Ah, you're very welcome - I was hoping to see some of my babies here. I actually did 8th Gen PB with all Seasons, so if there's something you need, just ask. But be aware, it might take a few days for breeding, as my scroll's almost always locked.
  3. somebody has posted a 2nd Gen Thuwed on the rare trading thread ;-)
  4. I'm still on the list for a 'specific type of egg' - I have no idea, what type and have written many times, that if it's because of me the list does not open anymore, he can scratch me from his list. But nothing has changed. I seemingly registered multiple times , when there was a mix-up more than a year ago. And he seems to follow those infos still.
  5. I traded for almost all of my CB Metals, except maybe a Copper here and there... It turns out that special codes and special lineage breeding can help a lot. Of course I am lucky to have Alt Sweetlings, as those 2nd Gens were requested quite often some years ago. Now you can often trade for CB Metals if you catch and hatch a lot of new release dragons and are ready to part with several of them in one go.
  6. some idiot keeps putting my scroll on EATW, has happened for the last few weeks almost every other day - especially now with my newly bred PB Silvers, I could scratch their eyes out...
  7. I hope there will be no 'freezing' contest, because I don't really like frozen hatchlings and have none except the little tree and one or two Zombies... I'd rather go for raising/breeding certain breeds, because of my 8th Gen PB projects.
  8. 8 caught, 7 hatched, were sick before and after hatching one I traded just before hatching - hoping the other party caught it in time and it's still alive...
  9. I only use my phone on the weekends and never a problem
  10. TJ's eggs are on 3 days 8 hours... I can't remember his eggs not hatching right after getting under 4 days...
  11. Thanks TJ! Got eight! Eggs in 6 different colors Entered the raffle Will start grouping soon
  12. Bred all my Avatars and my 3 GONs. But I had to keep one egg to myself, as it looks so nice, I want to start a checker with it. https://dragcave.net/lineage/TCyP3 I'd be happy to adopt more 2nd Gens of this lineage
  13. Finallymy lineage eggs hatched and the new ones are still around. Thanks TJ for this. I got 7 eggs within seconds :-D
  14. Yeah, just bred 7 eggs for my PB 'uncommoner' lineages yesterday...
  15. People posting trades and in the end deciding, they want to keep the egg after all...
  16. Ooops, forgot it's only 3 days. Have to try to get them all now, only have around 20 so far and it's already evening here...
  17. lilysally

    Cool Codes

    gave him a loving home Thank you!
  18. You guys made me curious and I checked my scroll - while I was here when 'Cave' dragons dropped - I didn't get a single CB Mint from the cave before biomes were introduced. Really surprised... And here I was and thought I could offer breeding from my old 'Cave' Mints...
  19. Fed up of searching through all the drama for an answer... Was there any one upside down egg bred?
  20. I got one from a friend - am on the hold for another one to pair the first with. I really hoped they'd breed upside down offspring - to gift and to AP them for those who didn't get a CB one...
  21. simple calculation ;-) April 1st + 5 days = April 6th for the first to grow up. And I tried around 9 am my time, so it must have started at midnight cave time.
  22. You're very welcome. And you could always ask me for a mate
  23. lilysally

    Cool Codes

    I took it to my scroll. Thanks 11th! Somehow I just can't resist number codes
  24. A really big number, but that's over time, over months. But I want to make sure that 'my' catchers get what I promised them for each release, within the first few days of the release. That way they are always happy to catch and breed for me over the year, as I have extreme scroll goals (breed wise and code wise).
  25. I've never ever been viewbombed in all my years on Dragon Cave. ~Insinuations of which user viewbombed you removed. If you have any proof, please bring it to TJ or the mods. Viewbombing is against site terms and can be taken care of if there's proof.~ AND I'D NEVER STUMBLE SO LOW TO ADD ANYBODY'S EGGS TO CLICKSITES!