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  1. Wow! That was easier than I thought. Got my two CB Holly and two CB Yulebuck that were missing. Thank you TJ and everybody involved! People, just have an exact clock ready and click click on every single egg that appears at the five minute drops, no matter what the description says. Keep a finger on ctrl, click on the far right egg just once, press r, click on the far right egg and so on, always with ctrl pressed. A whole load of windows will open, but if you are at the limit for one breed your scroll can't get blocked, so off you go for the whole drop. I got my 4 CBs I needed in one hourly drop AFTER the first minute lag.
  2. Getting ready to camp out at the holiday biome with thousands others, hoping for the elusive CB Holly...
  3. I have so much breeding to do, I won't have much time for catching or seeking - but most of the breeding stock have not been named or sorted since last year, too much to do, too little time - so I know what's waiting for me today.
  4. Wow. I got mentioned... At the moment 22’732 adults... Well, there are many people out there helping me with my projects. I collect CBs with special codes, have loads of breeding projects. One of my plans is to breed 8th Gen PBs of all common dragons with all CBs on my scroll. So there‘s 128 CBs of each Common I need to collect for that already.
  5. I tried a few combinations. I like them with GON but not with the outcome of Avatar of Destruction. They look nice to me with Diamondwing, Stone, Nocturne, Khusa and Fell. After doing a PB lineage I'll either go for Stone or Fell I think, as they are underused (and I just noticed I don't have a lot of CB of those anyway). https://dragcave.net/lineage/kjJ3q https://dragcave.net/lineage/D9spa https://dragcave.net/lineage/F9Koo https://dragcave.net/lineage/CuRt4 https://dragcave.net/lineage/xEqxx
  6. Why was the order of biomes chaged for mobile phones? I thought it would go back to the way it was before, when the Halloween biome disapoears...
  7. Cave 10 pm is my 3 am and I have to sleep before work...
  8. not much use if you live in a different time zone and have to get sleep as there is a work day tomorrow... it's past 6 pm here...
  9. getting angry - I have several friends who caught no eggs whatsoever - not even seeing any of the new eggs. I can only catch them around midnight my time or have to get up before 5 to get them (blocked by bred eggs for lineage). But if there are no eggs now, will there be any then?
  10. They're here for ONE WEEK - relax...
  11. People, calm down. The Halloween biome is here for a week. Just wait until the speedy people have a locked scroll and then take those eggs at your leisure ;-)
  12. Aaaaaah! I hate the st.... lag! Anyway, thanks TJ and everybody else involved in creating all this!
  13. it's been like that for an hour now...
  14. as they are sorted by catch date, that is making it all complicated - haven't found a way to use my scroll the way I sorted it to select dragons for groups - but maybe I just don't get it...
  15. I have started several groups, mainly for my special coded dragons. There's still loads to sort, that's why I only have 3 that are open to the public. https://dragcave.net/group/24779 https://dragcave.net/group/24595 https://dragcave.net/group/20915 But I need help. How can I sort dragons into groups and not have to click on each one and add them then? I have so many code dragons, especially around 1000 with CAPS codes and it's rather annoying to have to add them one by one. Anybody able to help me?
  16. lilysally

    Z Project

    Freebie to a Z-Collector - note, the CBs will not be named... https://dragcave.net/teleport/202c852dc76f05c63a7b47bacb1562a8
  17. several trades open with hatchies on low time.... they'll grow up before I can pick them up or before they can be traded... Really sad.
  18. lilysally

    Cool Codes

    Sometimes I wonder... do I enjoy code collecting and code breeding a bit too much? https://dragcave.net/lineage/IRLF0 https://dragcave.net/lineage/iBQOy https://dragcave.net/lineage/mim3g got almost all CBs to continue this lineage But I wonder, how to complete to make it an even lineage? Repeat some of the letters? Try to find something else? Maybe you all can advise... Thanks.
  19. People, please, check the offspring of your dragons that you intend to zombify. I want to keep my even Gen dragons even - this is why I prefer to not take other people's dragons into lineages, but for some you can't help it, like Event dragons... https://dragcave.net/progeny/1lf4g
  20. That's a test breeding, I did loads of them too. Going to 8th Gen with all the Seasons. If you need something, just send me a PM ;-)
  21. With all my breeding projects and trading and so many dragons growing up, I usually enter on the first two days after the last draw.... But no win so far.
  22. I didn't win, but maybe some winners would like to check this out...
  23. For Christmas and Valentine's I'd prefer 'normal' dragons. For Halloween it would be ok to get one of the other breeding groups. And Thanks TJ for letting us have some input!
  24. Just found a 2nd Gen Thuwed on my scroll... Thanks TJ! Unfortunately I already got the same lineage two years ago, so I'd be interested in trading... gone Also - I am finally off the list, so the mix up is over where it concerned me. Anybody else still ON the list or all OFF now? Will be intersting to see, if he's changing something, if everyone is off the list...