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  1. nice for you I may have different scroll goals than you, in addition: no internet at home, just my phone... and slow internet at my workplace
  2. love them but I really hate rare/uncommon releases...
  3. At least uncommon if not rare...
  4. Just saw one at the .20 drop, didn't get it of course... and it was definitely a flow on volcano
  5. Those sprites are wonderfull, great laugh when I saw the balloons and some others! Thanks TJ and spriters!
  6. Is there a simple way to find out which dragon breed I don't have yet? My scroll says 239 breeds, according to Wiki there are 241 released. I do not have a Neglected, but thought I had everything else at least once. So is there a way to find out? Thanks.
  7. Hmmm... Checked all weekend and then they appear when I sleep... Some people have to sleep before a day of work. Well, thanks for the new eggs.
  8. Thought there might be a release, still went Code hunting yesterday... Thanks for the new eggs, now deciding what to do 😃
  9. Thanks TJ! Bred my PB valentines already, getting there for my 8th Gen. Looking forward to finally be able to breed some other lineages this year.
  10. He bred his holidays last Christmas, so I'm hoping he'll breed his Valentines as well
  11. Bred my Thuweds day before yesterday, around 40 eggs went to the AP, from 3rd Gen up and some uneven ones as well - they should hit the cave about now
  12. Wow! Thanks! https://dragcave.net/lineage/TogLu
  13. Tried and searched for hours, but no luck with 2nd Gen Thuweds... Anybody got them?
  14. Free Holly Thuweds - same lineage 😉 https://dragcave.net/teleport/73cf771ec8d14e70d4a7feae833c8d69 https://dragcave.net/teleport/4fe6c29789332ab72b7bef0774f44ef5
  15. nothing again - didn't expect to win anyway. That's why I keep collecting as many dragons as possible, with the help of several people, and breeding PB an other lineages I like. still a lot to do, a lot to catch, a lot to breed... 😉
  16. normal, happens every day at this time...
  17. maybe the people who play grow older, have jobs, families, other hobbies? it used to be a lot of students here some years ago, if I remember correctly - at some stage, they finish their studies and get full time employment, hopefully as for me, I started playing on and off quite some time ago, then played a lot when made unemployed several times over the last 10 years, now have been in this job for 5 years with more and more restrictions on time (work, house, commute, 4 dogs) also, because of the unemployment situation I never installed proper internet at home (rather expensive here) and therefore only play on my phone when not at a place with wifi/lan
  18. probably been asked before, but I just saw that the Coppers are not available in the market - reason?
  19. Thanks TJ and team. I thought it‘s tomorrow.... 😂
  20. Don‘t be so negative. There‘s much lower chances in real life for getting a job or other things and you still don‘t decide to stop living.
  21. They WILL breed during the holiday, all refusals are off at this time.
  22. I'm here in Central Europe, it's almost lunch time...
  23. mine isn't fast at all, actually, - usually we complain how slow it is here at work, as 15 people have all computer use via Internet from head office in another country (I'm in Central Europe) but I'm using google chrome, not Internet Explorer - maybe that helps as well