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  1. It's definitely becoming a government-enforced thing. I used to think people were this stubborn and crazy (and many really are), but I've learned that it's basically a pushed agenda that nobody, not even the majority of pro-lifers asked/voted for. I fear this is yet another pre-war on women happening. As for me, I would LOVE to get that glorious sterilizing procedure, but as many have stated, it's downright near impossible for young women to receive this. However, I'm grateful that my body is able to handle one of the best BC methods out there; five years ago I had an IUD put in—a device that either works for you or doesn't. I had a new one put in and plan to keep this method until I can finally be graced with that permanent procedure. My SO hates kids as much as I do, and I'd scrape up the money for an abortion in a heartbeat if it ever came to that. But what terrifies me is this ridiculous agenda of "let's bring back abortion bans for all states like the dark ages!" And don't get me started on that new "Unwanted" movie coming out that "exposes" Planned Parenthood, created by biased liars weaving up false info for the nth time. My prediction? These new laws WILL disappear, but only when a considerable amount of women die trying to force-miscarry and/or go for back-ally abortions. Either way, there will be deaths and pro-birthers will turn a blind eye until it's their daughter or mother or sister ect. who perishes because of an unwanted pregnancy.
  2. I collect gemstones and rocks. One of my favorites is a very large selenite sphere I got for Christmas.
  3. Because my original got deleted for some reason, and I didn't want to go through the pain of resizing a new one until it finally got accepted.
  4. I second this. If they started producing things that were CB metal worthy, ND, ect, then it would've been the very first Prize Dragon (Tinsel) scenario with the tree decorating all over again. No warnings or anything. Just an atomic can of worms spewed out on everything. I'll admit I'm a little salty because I won't be able to collect that one "unique" sprite that doesn't happen every year, but I'm not going to throw a fit over it. (Though I've been very close with the alt sweetlings..)
  5. No. I've always seen it as the brain filling in the forgotten pieces with its imagination, thus confusing the person and making them think that something's "different".
  6. I work at a pet store and we have a bucket of duck's feet we sell. A lady was checking out with her husband, looked at them, freaked out and asked, "OMG! Do they actually take those from ducks?" Uhh... *stops* Another time, someone asked where our pig ears we sell were sourced from. Luckily, their friend said the answer we all WANTED to say (but couldn't). "They're sourced from pigs. Lulz*
  7. I'll always be pro-choice. And I also agree that there needs to be more funding on contraceptives. I'm lucky enough to have a uterus that doesn't reject the IUD I was (also lucky enough) able to get. Might I add, I'm the only one that's pro-choice in my house. And it isn't easy keeping calm when the family sometimes talks about it and tries to prod me with their morals, which I personally see as just opinions and feelings. My sister even had the nerve to say, "I have every right to know what you do with your body. I'm your big sister." Like..EXCUSE ME?! You have NO right! *Stops here before anger flushes in* But yea...
  8. Wow, such a good story-rant topic that's been neglected! *brushes off dust* Alright, so this is the very first time I've ALMOST broken out of customer service because of the sheer stupidity of this woman that came in. I work at a petstore and every other night, we get a rep for a particular brand of dog food. They have samples and coupons to give out to customers. It was getting pretty late and the rep gave out their last bit of samples and coupons to this lady, who was rude to begin with. Typical entitled attitude. I was stuck working the register that night. No big deal. She gets ready to check out and hands me one of the sample bags to use as her coupon. ~~ Just so no one is confused, with this particular brand, they had two different coupons. One was a paper coupon that is meant to be used on any of their products just so you aren't limited to just their food. The second kind is from their sample bags. But you only use it after you USE the food within it. So in other words, the paper/packaging is to be cut out and used. Y'know, if the dog liked the food and you want to get more ect. ~~ It's not really my place to ask her WHY she's trying to use a sample bag as her coupon instead of the damn paper one she was given. She was just trying to do everything *** backwards. So the sample obviously has dog food in it. And we have to KEEP the packaging(because it's a coupon itself). Me: Did you want to keep the dog food in this? (I planned on just opening it and putting the food in another bag in case she wanted to keep it. Sometimes people don't care for the contents, they just take advantage of the $3 off it has.) Her: OBVIOUSLY! That's how samples work! Me: Alright, ma'am, I can put it in a different bag for you, if you'd like. Her: UM! WHY would you need to do that?! Me: Because I need the packaging if you want to use the coupon on it. You can use the paper one you have, it will take the same amount off. Her: Uh NO! I plan on taking THIS one home! Yea... My facial customer service mask was cracking and I'm glaring at her at this point. After the fiasco was over, I actually told my boss what happened and apologized for losing my cool. And then warned him that we may get a bad SMG (our in-store reviews). He excused it after I told him what she was doing and let it slide. But I do understand that it was still wrong of me. I'm just glad that I didn't go any further. But..sometimes people just DRAG it out of you
  9. Same. I feel like I want to slice the lips off when I hear that.
  10. Wishy washy. Cold one day, hot the next, sunny, then stormy.
  11. Lulno. I believe it has to be developed. Pretty much what everyone else is saying. Something I've noticed with a lot of people is that they suddenly become attracted to a person that they usually hate. That's how me and my mate ended up together. We did NOT get along for the longest time and then just out of nowhere, a fire was lit.
  12. Bad day.. Wasn't able to make it to work due to some idiot making an illegal turn and causing me to smash into them. Then they had the audacity to try to pin the blame on me. Though a witness was my saving grace, the officer was too confused to write any tickets and is just letting the insurance deal with this..but I'm just so mad that I couldn't straighten myself up from being shaken and explain what REALLY happened..(first accident) G-d I hate liars like that.. Just completely shaken, frustrated and not looking forward to the stress of dealing with the insurance..
  13. Only in rare cases. Usually if the mother is in danger.
  14. There we go. I had the fetu one but couldn't find any of the others. Thanks! As for the PPH "leaked" video..rather annoying. It's just there to milk the votes out of people. Me and my manager researched and found out that lila was proven to be a liar and paid by the church to "expose" PPH. -superfacepalm... And don't get me started on the protesters that backed up traffic outside of the clinic..
  15. Are there even any links about fetuses mutating to masses and tumors?
  16. So near where I live, there's protesters outside of PlannedParent Hood from more "leaked" videos of propaganda. Right before voting around here starts. How convenient! My step mother was defending them and we got into a debate. I actually stumped her and she is now questioning her views. I usually never say this but.. I am proud of myself..