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https://dragcave.net/view/Mybae << CB Bronze Shimmer   See profile before asking to trade.  

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    For Shimmer trades, here's all the info:

    1. I have no waiting list and never will. To me it's not very fun when you're basically in debt to other players. So this means that if/when my Shimmer produces, it will go to the most tempting offer and I will (politely) decline all others.

    2. I accept IOU's

    3. I ONLY take 2nd prize offers from years 2015 and under. Nothing higher unless I personally ask.

    4. Don't be discouraged if I'm not very active on the forums (because I'm not), but I do receive alerts for PM's, so I'll more than likely be quick in responding to you.

    5. I like metals, especially beautiful-lineaged silvers :)

    That's basically it! Shoot a PM if interested, I don't bite!