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  1. Have at my fort, you guys. I wanna see if it can be decimated. :3 http://dragcave.net/holidays13_fort/Bloodlessdreamz
  2. I've been here for several years and haven't caught a single CB metal (despite camping out for hours on end). I finally traded for my first CB metal last month, and it remains my only one. I'm going to keep trying though!
  3. I will not drop my D3 eggs to catch D5 eggs... I will not drop my D3 eggs to catch D5 eggs...
  4. I am severely locked right now... c'monnnn day 3 eggs, hatch already! D:
  5. Yeah, and it's really annoying because that is literally the only way I'm able to catch eggs... my internet is too slow with javascript on. :/
  6. Was clicking, backspace, click, backspace... wound up with five. O.o;;;
  7. I want to be a breeder! Forum User: BloodlessDreamz Scroll Link: Here PM Link: Here What are you willing to breed?: Anything on my scroll. Any other requirements (no gifting/killing/biting/e.c.t)?: No Gifting, No Trading, No Killing, No Biting, No Neglecting Please! For Rares, please have no more than 2 of what you are asking for already on your scroll.
  8. We still have one more day, correct? Until midnight tomorrow?
  9. Thank you for the added time, TJ... I had my mom catching eggs for me on the last day because I was at work, and couldn't get on the computer all weekend except Sunday night... and then the data loss caused all the ones she caught to disappear. I hope the rescheduling is done over the weekend...
  10. I think someone already pointed this out, but this is also a TREE DECORATING contest, not a "make a picture using the tree like a flat canvas" contest. :/
  11. OOh, I'm seriously hoping one was mine... I love a lot of the rainbow trees, but mine is the most "balanced" I've seen. Oo;
  12. Maybe all the other ornaments got jealous of the angel and staged a revolt?
  13. Haha! Found a tree that spells, "NYA!" on it! I can totes picture someone sticking out their tongue at us!
  14. Aaaand there goes my second nekked tree of the night. x.x
  15. I'm not sure if I'm confident about my tree.. mine is a rainbow, but I think I executed it pretty well. I avoided overcrowding. There are some really cool trees, but none that I think is "amazing" yet.
  16. *hasn't given anyone a 10 yet* Still searching for a tree that really deserves a 10... Honestly I see more jumbles than anything.. given out more 1's and 2's than I ever thought possible. x.x
  17. I see lots of people who did an idea similar to mine, but MUCH different execution... Oo;;;
  18. I love the ones where you can tell they put a lot of effort... I've seen a couple with heart or heart locket designs, and I saw the DC tree someone mentioned earlier. Those got better scores from me, just because they're cool! Also, I've spotted 2 trees with dragon designs! One was holding a snowglobe. :3 Good job you guys!
  19. I've only found one that merited higher than a 4 (I rated it an 8) so far...
  20. Same... Mostly because over half I've voted on are just a massive jumble, or have random things floating everywhere like people just left them there (the tree is bare). I'm slightly weirded out. Oo;;;
  21. If your tree had a dragon that looked like it was hugging it, I voted realllly high on yours. :3 It was really cute! And Woah, some people really piled on the ornaments! I feel like such a slacker.
  22. Woah, some people really piled on the ornaments! I feel like such a slacker.
  23. Has anyone seen any leetles today? I haven't seen any for over an hour...
  24. Same problem as everyone else - completely re-decorated the tree then hit submit, and when I went back to look at my tree after hunting the cave, it was decorated the way I had it before I changed it all. Very disappointing.
  25. I noticed my new Yulebuck and Snowangel eggs got a TON of views last night.. had to fog them. The new eggs are about right though. Oo;; Weird. Also, yay tree decorating! I'm so excited for the possibility of either getting a new dragon or getting one of my choice. I already know which I'll be asking for.