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soyou2.gif←Scroll LinkPLEASE, PLEASE PM me all of your responses to my questions. When I go to a forum, I can't seem to find my post and responses anymore. And PM is so much easier to keep track of. So please, PM me all replies. Thank you.My Ultimate Wish: I wish for a ♂ blackaltfemalematurehatchling.gif Second wish: To be able to HOST in 20 Questions for just once!-----I'm using <a href=http://www.savetubevideo.com> youtube downloader</a>

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    Wishlist (in order of desire): 1. Black Alt Dragon Hatchling (Any Version, will NOT freeze.), 2. Dragicorns (when available, and if rare.) 3. Old Pink 4. Gold Dragons (as many as possible), 5. More Silver Dragons (to breed for game winnings), 6. New Valentine Dragons ('11). 7. Neglected Dragon, 8. Ice Dragon, 9. Thunder Dragon.

    Please do not gift me: Dino Eggs, Cheese, Chickens, Vampires, Geodes, Any common dragons except Mint Hatchlings, Christmas Dragons, Magma Dragons... or anything Else I haven't listed.