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    ~~Breeding list~~

    can breed 2gen:
    rosebud, snow angel, ribbon dancer, Sweetling, and marrow common/holiday offspring

    silver, black, stripe, trios, geodes, shallow water, blunas, vines, hellfires, nebula, and pink

    most other commons.

    can breed 3gen:

    pumpkin, '09 valentine, and yulebuck common/holiday offspring
    silver, stripe, pink, trios, shallow water, bluna

    can breed 4gen:
    silvers, black, stripe

    still looking through my dragons, but this is near as i can figure.


    ~~ The Nvya'ama lineage ~~

    Xiboy Nvya'ama x Orixa Nvya'ama

    a lineage starting with Xiboy and Orixa. these two came together by pure chance, caught almost a year to the day apart they were not influenced to be a possible mate for the other. Xiboy ended up male to even the ratio of moonstones on my scroll, Orixa was caught for a tinsel competition and was only of many waterhorses caught. it was only when i looked at them with the "unamed hatchlings/adult" filter on that i noticed the two of them and how perfect they matched the other.

    ~~wish list~~

    Top priority:

    CB golds
    low gen golds
    low gen vine/black ALTs
    2-3 gen holly
    2gen tinsels

    medium priority:

    CB silvers
    CB stripes/blacks
    CB non-alt nebulas

    low priority:

    2gen red/blue/green/black stripes