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  1. working on this again. will report back once finished
  2. Forums have been moved and front page has been redone just a tad bit!
  3. I'm sorry for all of the hassle that you guys have been having to go through x__x My life has been just a tad bit chaotic because I might be closing in on a record deal sometime soon and I'm simultaneously trying to code new features to make the site more interesting/useful/user-friendly/better but that all takes a massive amount of time. I'm trying!
  4. When you first logged in, there should've been a miniguide about how to navigate through the site. "Now that you HOPEFULLY read this, hit that button. After you do that, you should customize your account with your own preference in the settings page." A lot of features are still being coded such as sorting your menagerie into different sections/orders and reworking the trade system, but if you don't know how to get to your creatures, that means you didn't read the one thing that the site required you to read when you first logged in! D: What's your Nyoka username? Also, the site uses a lot of intricately laid out designs and unfortunately, Internet Explorer can't really keep up with web standards for some reason so the website may seem funky if you use IE. If you're using IE, try using Google Chrome or Firefox. I recommend Chrome because it's the bomb diggity.
  5. http://projectnyoka.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=807 News post: "Confused? You can check out the forum post which has a list of questions you may have. Happy holidays!" <- It's there for a reason! Good luck hunting and blahblahblah
  6. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and yaddayaddayadda <3
  7. This event is very very yummy. :^) I'm not a big player of DC anymore but I accidentally ended up catching 2 holly eggs and gave one to a friend. If you've been trying to get one for a long time (more than 2 years most likely), you may shoot me a message and I could gift it to you. DC events continue to astound me. Great job!
  8. WHALE I guess I should make it log that you've done the action so that people don't have to keep them... sound good?
  9. We have a new quest coming soon c:
  10. Just a quick question: Do you guys like that the site tells you how to get most of the achievements? I feel like it may start to take away from the mystery of a few... I want your input.
  11. ? I sent you an email to the email address you supplied to me right when I saw your message on Nyoka. Don't say that I don't answer, saying it's a pity kind of offends me because I try to be in touch with users all the time. I can send you your activation link in a PM on this forum if you'd like.
  12. Why can't you claim any unreleased creatures? From the BM or generator? I removed them from the generator, but if you can't get them from the BM then that's a glitch.
  13. They don't like you, duh. liek srsly br0
  14. Having 31 alphas is cool, guys
  15. Thanks Mathcat, I'll fix it soon.
  16. You'll see... you'll see. |D
  17. 6 AM - 5:59 PM = Day 6 PM - 5:59 AM = Night I gave the minutes because it also pertains to breeding. It's in EST
  18. I fixed it bruthah. NOW REAF ME ARONE (-(-(-(-.-)-)-)-)
  19. I never officially said I fixed it lol I'm still testing the new code out, so hold up, meng.
  20. I have a few userpage options that I'd like to work on pretty soon. Different format of showing creatures (personal, optional) and grouping them up to unclutter the menagerie. Fun stuff. c: