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  1. [edit: did not see the FAQ. have departed for the name check thread. not sure if i can delete this post]
  2. Support! As OP says ... any action you don't like, you can just ... choose not to use.
  3. I think this counts as a general suggestion? Since I don't have any specific suggestions in mind. I'll happily move it to the dragon requests subforum if that's not the case. I just think it would be nice if we had some Holidays that count as one of the unique breeding types, รก la the Pumpkin -- a Valentine's pygmy could be really cute! or a Halloween two-headed! a Christmas drake! You get the picture. Holiday stairs and checkers are a classic part of the game, and it would be nice to see the special breed types get some love in that regard.
  4. I've been doing the same with Turn Into Frog. It's gotta be the solution to SOME problem!
  5. isn't incubation also just temperature? not that i'm particularly fussed about lore consistency
  6. I need: to erase an influence If you can take my egg, and teleport it back, please reply here - thanks!
  7. Kinda freaked out because I came up with an idea very similar to this years ago, when I first joined the forums. Even down to the name; the only difference was that they actually lived in the stratosphere and only landed to breed, rather than being phased into another plane.
  8. Anybody know when the encyclopedia data is going to go up?
  9. The non-Herald biomes are empty too? What's up with that?
  10. it's 10:21, cave time. Does anyone know when the encyclopedia data for these guys will be up?
  11. Will there be a release-scale drop for every moon phase, do y'all think, or will the next phases be much harder to catch?
  12. Grabbed a CB Gaia Xenowyrm! One of the ones I've been missing
  13. Missed a CB Copper AND a CB Silver today, both in Alpine. (cry) -- I snagged a Gemshard just after the Silver, though, so that's some consolation.
  14. I've been hunting all day, and only just realized that I'm locked when I tried to breed something out of boredom ... o_o At least I didn't see/miss anything nice.
  15. Nabbed a CB Blusang hunting this morning (Thank you to the Blacktip I picked up by accident last night, that locked me until this morning)
  16. I've been a huge fan of Steven Universe recently. Seriously, it's a great show, 11/10, do recommend, would watch again. Have watched again. Several times. ... enough times that I can quote certain scenes from memory. It's a really good show.
  17. Just missed a CB Blusang because I was egglocked ... ;~; It sat there for a solid two seconds, but by the time I dashed back to my scroll and dumped an egg, of course it was gone. x_x Regret
  18. This would be nice. I really like Rainbow Sort, but like to keep breeds together (which means that for, say, Vampires, I need custom sort). And I don't have the patience to manually go and drag+drop every individual dragon into place, so right now I'm just using Breed Sort (less pretty, but more practical). It would be nice to have a sort of "custom format sort" implemented.
  19. I love the idea of CB Holidays, and I think the idea in the OP is sound. I don't really see why they would have to drop in a distinct "Holiday" biome, though. Couldn't they just be rarely scattered throughout the biomes? My only concern is the speed at which Holiday dragons get snapped up. Scroll limits help, but if CB Holidays are dropping rarely even among the main Holiday dragons, it seems like it would be hard for newbies to catch any.
  20. A flock of budgies. About , by mass. I am swarm I am legion
  21. I know that I (nb trans bird) went looking for other frameworks to identify with, because I knew that gender standards didn't fit me even before I knew that nonbinary people are a thing, and what I found was the natural world, and birds especially. I think something along that story is pretty common. For certain all of my friends who are 'kin are also trans (& mostly nonbinary).
  22. B I R D D R A G O N I love birds. Need more bird dragons yes pls 10/10 thank
  23. No legs? The plot thickens ... I'm locked with one from Coast, one Alpine, one Jungle and one Volcano (plus a couple other eggs i'm not willing to dump). Exciting o:
  24. Seconding this. Interstellar travel and colonization does not necessitate solving all world problems, and vice versa.
  25. The idea of "mother figure" and "father figure" are products of the gender binary anyway. They're not really a thing besides what society makes them. Basically, I would say that you should parent whatever way you see fit, and if that makes you into a "father figure" by popular cultural definition, then so be it.