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  1. It is good news, I was literally at the point of giving up for good after seeing yet another...'sorry you were not selected...' today, then came on the forum and saw this.
  2. Is anyone else seeing only eggs in the Coast and Desert, and no eggs falling in any other biome? Not even at the 5min drops?
  3. I would LOVE this option. I think that if it went by the process that happens when you kill an egg and counts as a killed egg, then that would solve all the problems. 1) It would place a limit of 5 eggs in two weeks. So there is no possibility of abuse for AP clearing. It also means that it takes time to build up a collection of frozen eggs and becomes something to work for over time. The option to 'cyrstalize' would be just like 'kill'... Crystalize the egg. (You can use this action 5 more times before you must wait for a few weeks) . 2) It has the same sort of message that killing an egg has and so it would solve the issue where people are worried about what happened to the growing dragon. So maybe... 'You cast a spell to crystalize the egg, killing the baby dragon inside.' I really wish this could finally happen, we have all wanted this option for years. I would adore some Holly eggs. If it went with the 'kill' process then I could probably only get 5 Christmas eggs a year, but that would make it something to look forward to getting every Christmas.
  4. Fully support this! It is incredibly tedious trying to incubate or influence multiple dragons, regardless of whether you use the 'password' option or the 'all caps word' option. Would love to just be able to use these BSAs without the all the extra steps.
  5. I am not sure really about how the winners are selected....the odds seem...odd. I am not saying that anything dodgy is going on, because I absolutely do not believe that in any way, shape or form. I just have to question how, given the really low odds of winning, so many people have won twice and even THREE times. I can pull up TEN winners right now with two or more CB prizes just from looking at the trading section. So given that, it is reasonable to assume that there are a LOT more multiple prize winners. Which is why I have to agree with cyradis4 in that ' RNG is NOT random '. The statistics actually don't make logical sense given the massive player base numbers. Admittedly I got frustrated with things and quit for a year over the prizes, so I guess I was one of those people. If you think that is stupid, fine, but it was simply the way I felt. I got too frustrated seeing people with scrolls less then a month old winning CB Prizes when others who had been on the site for almost ten years and wanted one more then anything, didn't have anything, and it built up to the point where it was ruining my enjoyment of the site. I considered it better to leave then to make an issue of it and cause trouble. I came back a year ago and was really pleased to see the raffles, it seemed to present a better system for CB prize distribution.
  6. Looking at them, to me they seem a fair trade, with one exception... ' 30 BSA hatchlings ' are far greater value then the '30 CB (un)common hatchlings'. They are also harder to get in the Cave given that they are more in demand and are also comprised of fewer breeds of dragons. So it would take much more time and effort to gather those, then it would take just grabbing random commons. You might consider lowering the BSA hatchlings to about 20, but that is of course up to you and you may get people willing to pay 30.
  7. Personally I think, and have observed, that the prices of 2nd gen tinsels and shimmers are dropping, as each month more and more become available due to the raffle. Every day without fail multiple 2nd gens appear on the site trading. I have been closely watching as that is what I trade for. I imagine that by the time I 'hopefully' win a CB shimmer or tinsel the price of 2nd gens will have dropped even further, maybe even out of the CB Metal levels. The last four 2nd gen shimmers and one tinsel I got recently, I got by trading one CB Silver and a few CB extras such as dinos, chicken, cheese, zenos and zyus. I (rarely) see a 'very' few people offering multiple CB metals and personally feel that is a mistake that ends up creating the illusion that 2nd gens are worth that, when they are just not anymore, there are just too many available. I would imagine that a fair price for a 2nd gen tinsel or shimmer would be: - 2nd Gen Swap - One Neglected - One CB Gold - One CB Silver plus extras But that is just my opinion on it.
  8. I just found out that a 2nd gen Shimmer that I traded for on the onsite trading and paid a CB Silver and lots of other goodies for.....was actually laid by the dragon that I am owed a 2nd gen shimmer IOU from!! The IOU was made many months ago but the owner reneged on the agreement, keeping my CB Gold and not providing me with the promised 2nd gen shimmer. So the egg I brought was literally the egg that should have been given to me for that CB Gold. I paid twice for this 2nd gen. . That is it, I am absolutely never, ever again paying for IOUs! I have been screwed over too many times now, including being cheated out of three CB Golds.
  9. This egg knows exactly what it is, an...EGG
  10. I don't know what to make of the odds at all. I would have said that the odds of winning are extremely low...but I cannot believe how many people there are that have won twice, even three times.
  11. This helpless looking thing definitely looks like prey for something much larger.
  12. I would imagine just four if the trade is on the main site, given that we can only offer 4 of anything. I really wish we could offer more then 4. But seriously, a CB gold is probably worth about 10 CB xenos or more I would have thought. I just had four CB Gaia Xenos up for trade, three hatchlings and an egg asking for a CB Silver and I didn't get one offer. Although when I redid the trade just asking for 'offers'...again not one offer. My trade questions: What is a CB Aeon worth? They are only marked as 'uncommon' on the WIKI, yet I have tried to trade 'rares' like a CB Copper, a paper, a cheese, but had no luck at all.
  13. No win for me...again...
  14. I hope the odds are good, after eight years of wanting one I would sure love to finally have that elusive CB Shimmer or Tinsel. I will keep entering the raffle and trying until it happens, however long it takes..
  15. Just missed TWO CB Golds in the Jungle at the same hourly drop!! 😞
  16. Just great, yet another trade where I waited and waited and waited and waited for the person to actually make a decision and let me know if they wanted my offer or not. More then 36 hours only to find out I didn't get the trade, yet again!!! The eggs I was offering taking up much needed room on my scroll for all that time. What an utter waste of time...again! Next trade offer that takes the person more then 12 hours to make up their mind, I am cancelling my offer so that they are not wasting MY time that could be spent making offers on trades where the people actually have some consideration for others and at least use decline, rather then very rudely keeping others waiting for days in case they get a 'better' offer.
  17. I opted for a very simple design of cabins in woodland. My 2013 fort is here.
  18. Caught so many stunning lineage Hollies this year.... - 4th gen Thuwed https://dragcave.net/lineage/D43iT - 4th Gen Holly/White https://dragcave.net/lineage/Qb90H - 4th gen Holly/Mix https://dragcave.net/lineage/siZAr My best catches this year, I was absolutely over the moon to get these.... - 4th Holly/Aria https://dragcave.net/lineage/UTSdz - 2nd gen Holly/Tinsel https://dragcave.net/lineage/Y9KhQ - 2nd gen Holly/Shimmer https://dragcave.net/lineage/uu4g3 I absolutely love this lineage... - 4th gen Solstice/Gold https://dragcave.net/lineage/LZlM3
  19. Ah okay thanks! Was hoping I had more time to finish my fort but never mind, it will have to stay as is.
  20. When exactly will the Snow Wars event finish? At midnight tonight, New Years Eve OR at the end of New Years Day, so midnight tomorrow?
  21. I had no trouble picking out which egg I wanted to keep when I bred my Holly. I LIKEz'd this one immediately.
  22. Merry Christmas! To everyone who contributed their time and talents to DC's Christmas this year, thank you so much for all the hard work! It is really, really appreciated, especially by those of us who are alone this Christmas and not able to get to our families. Honestly, without DC's Christmas fun it wouldn't even have been Christmas at all for me. Just wanted you all to know that your efforts really make much larger difference then you are possibly aware of, to myself and I am sure to many others. It has been holly heaven, hunting for hollies in the AP this year, so many gorgeous lineages. This and all the fun goings on here has all been a great distraction for me. I have collected so many amazing lineages culminating in my best AP catch ever.... a 2nd gen Holly Bronze tinsel fail! 😍
  23. Found this beauty! Clearly someone put a lot of effort into this and it is much appreciated!
  24. Thanks everyone! I just saw one, didn't get it but at least they are there.