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  1. Omniheater Made me think "microwave" for a second.
  2. Banned because I tripped up the stairs today. Twice.
  3. A dragon that's sculpted out of delicious rock candy. How many posts do I need to do to get all those egg thingies and get the special message bar?
  4. (Ninja'd. ) Don'r doegrt to lovk the door and brudh uour teeth twice Am I getting better? ono Npt: There is no "kawaii" in "not kawaii," because that would just be silly.
  5. Evrty nighy I rsy s w,000 poumd cjeeseburger for breakdast pffplbfff-- I failed. Npt: Why is the word "but" written on my ceiling in black Sharpie?
  6. Captain Obvious is not an actual person in real life.
  7. Banned because I am the mustache and the mustache is shenanigans.
  8. (The Potato-Nommer From Beyond! ...I dunno. ^^; ) Thou Who Usest Magic Arts
  9. Banned because the cake is a lie. u_u