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beliresized.png|The Giving Tree|Neglected Science|CPA|TTLP|MagiStream|VGC||Haiku Family|Wishlist: Silver, GoldenTired of the forums, so don't expect me to be here much.

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    Belgrade, Serbia
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    Getting a Maine Coon.

    Maine Coons are (obviously) my favourite breed of cats. I don't have one though I'd really like to. I hope I'll be able to adopt one of those beauties in the future.
    Computer games and PhotoShop.

    I do play a lot of computer games, but I'm not a freak as some people are. I'll only say I like strategy the most. And I enjoy using PS too. I'd be lost without that awesome program. Yay PS! ^ ^

    Currently, I'm just practising. It's still the "basic" drawing, but I hope I'll be an anime/manga artist someday.