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  1. Beautiful eggs and hatchies this year, as always; thank you!! So excited!! And to make it better I caught my first Holly :* Not a horrible lineage, either!! Merry Christmas all!!!
  2. Ooooh, I hope I can catch a Holly this year, I've tried every year since I joined and no luck yet; missed like 20 last night! Keepin' my fingers crossed; my internet connection isn't that bad, so I think it'll mostly come down to luck!!
  3. LOVE the Xmas Horse!!! All of the holiday dragons look great, but if I had to choose one to keep it would DEFINITELY be these guys!!!
  4. Whoo, thanks for the list, I got them all 40/40!! And thanks to everyone who put this together, that was way too much fun!!
  5. Does anyone have a link of the images with what everyone's calling them? I have 37/40 but I don't know what I'm missing and what everything's being called...
  6. Got all of them! And ironically enough (for me) Nakase's was my last one. That one is definitely my favorite, although I love all of the eggs. Thank you TJ and the spriters, I love this event!!
  7. Wow, got my 2 really easily. Beautiful eggs, I can't wait to see the rest of their stages!! Good luck everyone!
  8. Finally!! One of my Pumpkin hatchies gendered so I could get unlocked, I got 4 eggs AND 3 of my zombie attempts were successful!!! Thank you TJ and spriters, you guys are amazing!! I'm so excited to see what they look like all grown up
  9. Woah, umm, 93/93 anyone?? *pokes my basket* I just got a flashing white/green ball thing. It's the fifth down in the first column...
  10. Okay, so silly question but how DO you turn off images and javascript?
  11. For me, I've got lots of Vamps and can always get more. Plus I forgot to plan ahead for the zombies and my vamps had the best Zombie names
  12. Yep, my zombie hatchling was a vampire. *pokes Technus*
  13. I have 2 new Zombie adults and one hatchie!! Woot!! Now I just need one of my Pumpkin hatchies to gender...hurry up already!!! *pokes with a stick*
  14. Yay, new eggs!!! Now I just need one of my hatchies to gender so I can freeze and be unlocked...*pokes hatchies*
  15. Sweet, I got all 92 and some pumpkins Good luck everyone!!!
  16. Woot, new eggs!!!! And I got 2 of each really easily--which is weird. It usually takes me days!
  17. 38/38! Sweet! Thanks to TJ and all of the spriters, this was WAY too fun for its own good!! 'night everyone!!
  18. O.o I need 2 more...should I wait up or got to bed?! SO ADDICTING!!!!
  19. Wow, these are really pretty!! I'm loving this, and it's giving me great motivation to study for my test--if I study for 12 minutes, I get to go find a new egg Thanks!!
  20. Aww man, I am SO locked!! I just need my first Dorkface to grow up..... This isn't going to stop anytime soon, is it?
  21. Aww man, my hatchies just locked me :/ At least I got one! Although, has anyone else seen the new sunrise/sunset and electric sprites? AWESOME!! I just noticed them
  22. YES!! I got home just in time--no wonder the cave wouldn't load! They look awesome, I can't wait to get me some eggs!