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EGGSINABASKET.gif30nkgee.jpgJust call me Crafty ;-)Here's my scroll...please clickPlease see my profile for my wishlist. :) If you want me to breed anything for you, let me know. :) I'm also willing to catch for events. I tend to gift more often than trade. :)

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    Dragons! Oh, and camping, crocheting, reading, jewelry-making, drawing (um, sort of. I'm not as good as everyone keeps telling me...lol)--all of that in no particular order. Generally I'm a homebody.

    WISHLIST: (In no particular order)
    I like Dorkfaces, Thuweds, Dusks, or any combination of those. I'd kind of like to have at least one of each type of dragon with those lineages where possible (probably take a while, I know! :lol: )

    Dinos: Purple for myself, and most of them for my daughters (I have 3 girls who play, and so far, 2 of them have each managed to catch 1 Dino.)

    3 CB Day Glories and 2 CB Night Glories (eggs or hatchlings influenced to be mates of the ones I already have)

    Tinsels: 1 more Bronze, 1 Silver, and 1 Gold (because I like pairs whenever possible) (also, preferably low-gen {7th gen or less} and not related to the ones I have)

    Shimmers: A pair of each, not related to each other, 7th gen or less, would be wonderful.

    2 CB Golds (not a high priority, since I have Golds on my scroll, but it would be nice to be able to gift some of their offspring to folks who like the lower gen ones)

    Coppers: 1 CB red Copper; 1 CB brown Copper; 2 CB green Coppers

    Pyralspites: 2CB Spessartines; 2 CB Almandines
    A Holly unrelated to mine

    At least 1 Neglected (again, I prefer pairs)

    I like trying to help fill other folks' wishlists, and will take just about any breeding request, just ask! :)

    Also, while I do have things I'm looking for, if you have an egg or hatchling that you think is a pretty lineage and want to offer it as a trade, I'll probably accept. ;) But don't be surprised (or offended--I may just not feel like raising anything at the moment!) if I offer to just gift something to you instead. :)