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  1. I have the following: 2G prizekin (Undine x Bronze Shimmer) and 3G Shimmer (x Golden Wyvern). Because the market for both these things seems to change so rapidly, I feel like I'm always asking. Is one or both of these worth a CB Almandine? If not, what can I expect to trade them for?
  2. I honestly don't know what 3G prizes are worth anymore. When I started breeding them, I could easily get a CB Gold or Silver. When the Pyralspites first came out, I was able to get one for a 3G. Lately, I've been asking for CB Hatchies I need for various breeding projects, and with my sig, people can even take time to raise them, but they're still not biting. It's actually easier to offer them at this point than it is to try and trade them.
  3. Sigh. Just abandoned a 2G Shimmerfail instead of keeping it for trade purposes. ETA: Caught 7 Caligenes this year. Totally forgot to influence them and ended up with seven males. Thank goodness for trading.
  4. Why didn't I think of that? She has a message on her profile that she is not playing anymore. Silly me.
  5. True... with a 4 month old, I get that. GUess that's why I'm more impatient than usual. Computer time is rare and unpredictable. Thanks!
  6. Not so much about worth as much about trade etiquette. Say you promised someone a high worth item. You offer them the egg when you get it along with a PM for what it is, but they don't take it or offer you any sort of reply. How long do you wait before offering said egg to the general public. 48 hours? Until it hatches? Never? Egg is a 2G Shimmer.
  7. I absolutely love everything about this release! Kudos to the dragcave team! And yay for holiday season coming up!! Looking forward to all the holiday eggs, and having time to focus on some of my breeding/neglected experiments etc rather than scrambling to get the newest egg! I kind of miss the old releases of once every few months.
  8. These are absolutely gorgeous! Managed to snag one of each in the initial flood, and now just (im)patiently stalking the cave for more! Thanks TJ and Birdzgoboom for the beautiful sprites!
  9. Not a question as much as a heads up - 3G Prizes have severely dropped in price in the past month. People do not want them anymore and are unwilling to trade 1:1 CB metallics or CB Almandines/Spessartines for them - trades that used to be auto. They will, however, trade insane numbers of multiple metallics or pyralspites for a 2G prize. Good luck trading everyone, I'm pretty much out as I have nothing worthwhile anymore. EDIT: Guess I should have looked at the thread... looks like this is a huge topic of debate right now!
  10. Agreeing with what someone wrote ahead of me, 2Gs are worth whatever the 2G Prize breeder wants at that moment. Mine change depending on which scroll goals I'm trying to meet at any given time. That being said, I think I'd ask for at least two CB coppers in exchange for a 2G Prize.
  11. Yeah... I didn't even notice I bred to the wrong copper until two days until trying to trade it. Granted, that one got a few offers - just not anything I'm interested in. Ah well. Guess I'll only reach my scroll goals by legitimate hunting.
  12. A few months ago, I was able to get a CB Gold, CB Almandine, or CB Spessartine for a 3G Bronze Shimmer. I have three 3G Shimmers up for trade for a few days, and not a single bite - at least not with those. Plenty of things I didn't ask for and don't care for, but not any of those three. Has the 3G shimmer value dropped that much?
  13. If I'm looking to do a 1:1 trade of a dino, can I reasonably try for either an Almandine or Spessartine? How many springs can I ask for in exchange for a dino?
  14. Ack... I meant what if I had a 2G or 3G prize, what of my wishlist could I get for one of those. Edited the above for ease. Thanks for your answer.
  15. Say I have an Avatar of Creation from a CB Bronze Shimmer. What's a reasonable amount of CB Springs to ask for? CB Pinks? CB Almandines or Spessartines? CB Red Coppers? to ask for in exchange. What about in any of the above in exchange for a 2G or 3G Bronze Shimmer? Provided they cooperate with me...
  16. Thanks to a rather large hourly drop, I'm locked at a pair of each! Thank you TJ and spriters for the beautiful eggs. Also! Hunting tip: If you're trying to get a certain number of each (for example, two) fill up all your slots except two with AP eggs. Hunt only for one egg and once you catch your two, abandon AP eggs to free up slots for the next thing you want to catch. Happy hunting everyone! Edited to add: So say I have shinies to breed for trade fodder. In people's experience, how long should I wait after a release to breed them? Obviously I can't breed tomorrow when they are available to breed, but is Monday too soon if I'm going to ask for Pyralspite?
  17. Ah new release time! Time to watch everyone who complained about not having a release now complain that they can't catch anything! Thanks for the release TJ. Patiently clicking through the five minute drops while my husband makes dinner - So far I have a plate and a gem to show for it! Hoping the gemstones are birthstone dragons that change every month so we don't have to collect a buttload of them right now!
  18. While a new release would be fun, I'll admit, I'm not at all bothered by the fact we don't have one. Granted, I just got into making lineages, and my scroll seems to be full of either things I need for said lineage or 2G PB Blacks/Dark Greens I'm hoping will alt. I always feel if I abandon those, they'll end up alting! And since I can't catch the CBs I need now for scroll completion, I'm consistently trying to breed things I can trade for.
  19. OMG! Dragcave has been Dungeons and Dragonified! It looks awesome!!! Too many exclamation points Al... Also, I love having the clock up in the corner. I'm only an hour behind, but I still manage to get messed up if I'm tired and stuff. I foresee that being extremely helpful! Nice job TJ!
  20. Lineages don't bother me much. I didn't get it at first because I was so excited to be picking up anything, but now I'm enjoying the work of building something up. My scroll goals for CBs is slim pickings now, and just trolling the cave for a CB Gold or CB Almandines/Spessartines isn't fun. I can go DAYS without seeing one much less clicking one. Lineage building gives me a reason to stick around the caves more. I always need more of that type of dragon. It also allows me to build better trades too. Very little of what I have is worth a CB Gold or Pyralspite, and that which is worth it, I don't always want to trade away. But I can work on getting mates for holiday lineages or less difficult, but not easy for me to find CBs by breeding things. The game mechanic I don't get is naming. I always think I want to name, but when I start getting into it, I realize all I really want is for all my dragons to be named generation breed gender (ex: 2G Sunstone the Male.) It makes keeping track of them for breeding projects so much easier, but it also means that instead of auto-accepting my trades, people will hold onto them incase an egg with better named parents comes around. TL:DR When I started, DC was about collecting everything. Now lineages keep it interesting.
  21. I really want to support this for all the non-holiday catchers, except for the fact that 90 percent of the time time I went to hunt holidays in the AP this year, there was no wall. Just a whole lot of commons that I didn't have any need or desire for. The few times I saw a wall, it was gone within an hour. And the non-holidays didn't seem to move. Getting holidays was honestly really difficult for me this year. So I guess I don't really see the necessity in this? Or perhaps I just don't get on drag cave at the same time most others do. ETA: I don't remember Halloween and Christmas of 2014. My husband was in Jerusalem during the Halloween event and I spent Christmas week dealing with a horrific first trimester of pregnancy, so I didn't do much hunting. I don't remember what the AP looked like then. My response is only in response to how the Valentine's event went.
  22. Bah. The site's back up, but I can't breed my shinies. It's over an hour past when they should have freed up. I'm enjoying seeing everyone's caves!
  23. Thank goodness I'm not the only one out there. Even my more creatively named dragons have recently been either given a CB 2G etc addition to their names for ease of finding. It's always so interesting to me the many different ways people play DC
  24. Oh wow! Responses! Good to see some of the various opinions out here! Sometimes that's missing when all you see is the want section for trades. Glad to see what preferences are. And to know there are people out there who will still take my long detailed named dragons! Keep enjoying the hunt everyone!