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Live Long and Prosper,AJDScroll | WishlistI accept IOUs39Y5TpU.png Please no PMs regarding 2G trades unless otherwise stated. All unwanted PMs will be ignored.You may do whatever you like with the eggs I trade/gift you. Keep them... bite them... freeze them... experiment with them... they're your eggs once they're off my scroll. Enjoy them!ddf_button.gifbanner3.pngSigSm.gifeoc_button.gif

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    Thank Yous!
    Evolette for two CB Blusangs
    Spiteful_Crow for Golden Shimmer
    Lizfier0 for Heartseeker
    Satirical for Arsani
    Chariset for the Tan Ridgewing Valentine gift

    I Owe the Following:

    The Following Owe Me:
    Snakehands - 4G Thuwed Holly (in exchange for 2G Sweetling x Gold)