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  1. Have: 2nd Gen Heartseeker Want: 2nd gen Radiant Angel, Mutamore, or Soulstone Please Make an offer for this egg
  2. Anyone else seeing no eggs at the top of the hour drops? Twice now I've seen not a single egg, though I'm seeing (and grabbing) eggs at the 5 minute drops. [Edit] - so I went back in at 9:04am to see eggs dropping, then stop, then start up again, then stop... and nothing at 9:05a. Someone's clock off? I'm almost caught up, too. All I have left is to grab a Holly (yea, I know) and I'll have at least one of everything. Need a Yulebuck to have at least one CB of everything.
  3. I wonder what breeding these will be like? Will they only breed their own types, or will there be a possibility of getting a different type egg? In other words, maybe I can get my Alpine through breeding, since catching eggs isn't working for me (I've not managed to see an egg - even to miss it - for a little while now.)
  4. I'm beginning to wish I hadn't incubated mine (I have all but Alpine). The oldest is at 3 days, 16 hours, and has only one small crack. I waited, then added them to one fansite, but when they didn't show any cracks at under 4 days, I added them to a second. None have been sick, but I'm kind of worried I may lose the lot. They all have over 2,600 view and over 350 UVs.
  5. Yes! I'm wishing this too, as I have two poetry lines, and another one I want to start.
  6. Maybe I'm just having a senior moment but... how do you add dragons to an already created Group? When I try to edit the group, I only get the non-dragon options.
  7. Ok, my luck has improved... managed to nab 3 in one go, and 1 in another... and they're all different colors! I have room for one more, only need black or blue... but have to go do the chores I've been putting off (my mini mule is gonna be ticked).
  8. No, it definitely said "shine"
  9. Question: While looking for the new eggs, one came across that said, "this egg shines like gold" ... I can't find an egg with that description anywhere, I've checked Current Releases and Which Egg Is Which. Maybe a secret new release? I still haven't nabbed even one of the new eggs... but did catch a Chrono Xenowyrm (hI have no xenowyrms at all), so still a win.
  10. Happy Birthday, but WOW is it difficult to get the eggs! I'm only seeing maybe three per drop (even at the top of the hour). They're just mixed in with the regular drops. I don't like this at all, it was difficult enough to grab an egg even with the old "flood the cave" drops! Is this our new reality, or is there some sort of glitch?
  11. My first bred Undine (from a Gold sire) came up gold! https://dragcave.net/lineage/iPMSS She's only my third Undine, too (I recently returned after a hiatus).
  12. FYI, I just got a Dark Lumina from the cave (desert)... so I guess the wild dragons are breeding them too? https://dragcave.net/lineage/xSDzI
  13. Perhaps just add a period/dot/full stop after the space? It'll look a little weird but not as weird as :nsbp
  14. My little question: I've been gone a long, long time, just came back. I'm using the transfer/trade option and currently I have an offer waiting to be accepted/rejected. Just wondering what happens in each instance? Will the transfer just vanish if rejected? If accepted will I just suddenly be missing some eggs/hatchlings and have a new one?
  15. For the thing, I found one with that today, went in to edit the name and it did indeed have two spaces there. Took out the extra space and the aberrant code went away. My suggestion would be to try. Take out BOTH spaces (so it's all one word) then add a space again. If some weird code thing is causing them, that might clear it. If not, then backspace so that the last letter of the previous word is deleted, then type that letter and a space. I've found that method works very well in most computer applications when there's some weird invisible code thing (that's a technical term!) causing issues.
  16. Long time ago, when I first got here, I picked up a random White egg, and got lucky. Along with this beautiful short gen Dorkface, I ended up with a number of messy gen Thuweds as well. Warrior Son of Dorkface
  17. This lineage isn't messy, it is even gens, but it is deliberately inbred. Been working on this one for a while, then dropped it, then decided to keep going and see just how far I can go. I might consider trading the egg for something cool. Rather Inbred Red ~Please use /lineage/ links for growing dragons~ [Edit: Thank you for whomever fixed this. I haven't posted here in a while and forgot about using lineage, not view... had just come back to fix it.]
  18. Sadly, it's down for me too, though I was able to load some eggs on it last night.
  19. This is my most recent epic lineage egg found in the AP: http://dragcave.net/lineage/OSYRV I found it quite impressive, even if it isn't *quite* even-lineage. Someone went to a lot of work to breed this one's parents. I've had this one for a looong time. I'm pretty sure I got it off the AP: http://dragcave.net/lineage/OSYRV Short gen Dorkface!
  20. KiraT

    Egg Drop Soup

    Sadly, it's down for me too, and it's also one of my fave hatcheries.
  21. KiraT

    2011-03-16 - New Eggs

    That was a different egg. I'd abandoned the black egg, I'm looking for short, balanced lineages.
  22. KiraT

    2011-03-16 - New Eggs

    So, what happened 6 days and 17 hours ago? The AP is stuffed with eggs with that age... I missed the beginning of this, but gather that you can breed a black stripe somehow? I'd have thought black x stripe but the one I pulled from the AP was black x silver... Plus, the eggs have been out a couple of days - was it only just announced what would cause the preponderance of black and aqua (I think) eggs in the AP with that 6d17h age?
  23. YourName is a dragon too. I'm a Silver! http://dragcave.net/view/n/Kira And a Sunset: http://dragcave.net/view/n/Kirat There's also a Red that has my real name
  24. Stick a fork in me, I'm done! Sadly, I killed 5 dragons and not one Zombie to show for it. On the positive side though, I'm scroll locked with three crusty eggs, and while I'll probably not get all the ToT ones, I'm well over halfway there, so not unhappy about that. Also got one pumpkin egg. I didn't get any pumpkins last year - I think I joined right after Halloween. I'm disappointed I didn't manage to get a Zombie, but ah, well. The dark crust hatchlings look like vulture babies to me, looking forward to see what the adults will look like!