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  1. More egg slots. Either that or a brand new shiny shop? Maybe a statement that all raffles are finished instead of wondering and hoping I could actually win it one day
  2. Thanks for the information! I really love these dragons and cannot wait to have my own adults. Very beautiful design.
  3. I missed a 2nd gen. Prizekin in the Departures thread ;-; I collect those babies ;-;
  4. Almost locked with these babies I currently had 15 hatchies and 5 eggs and the closest one to growing up is about 5 days. I really need more space because I will run out real soon ;-; I really do love these babies!
  5. Glad it colored alright! If anyone else got a different color then the parent from one of my babies and want another one, please let me know. I would not mind breeding replacements if needed. I really did like this event and will want to do it again because I caught some mates I needed and other pretty things!
  6. Caught a CB Almandine! Gonna trade it for a CB Spessartine and the other person will be able to get there first Almandine!
  7. I really think these dragons are my favorite. I knew these were called Celestial Dragons because of "Starlight" in their descriptions. I cannot wait to get my own adults
  8. You know that sounds really cool and I wish that mod will happen soon because I need that in my life now. I want to see Sebastian changed into a handsome demon butler. I need more money, it is so hard for me to save up on this game!
  9. How many CB New Release hatchies could I ask for a CB Spessartine? I was thinking at least 2 since the rarity of these things seems to be a little weird. Thank you Eos for the answer. I actually got it for 3 hatchies and it only took about 5 minutes to trade it.
  10. I play this game and I really love it! <3 I married Sebastian because he reminded me of Sebastian from Black Butler and it was love at first sight I am playing as a female and now trying to get Sebastian to let me have his baby lol. The thing I like most though is the farming and battling you get to do.
  11. Finally back at home on my high-speed wifi connection and caught 2 easily I am away from my sorry butt of a phone and now can catch up on everything that is now happening! Cannot wait to see these babies grow up <3 Also I tried on my phone for 6 hours straight and nothing, finally caught some on my labtop. Labtop for the win
  12. Thanks to JaneMcAsh for gifting me one of the new eggs <3 My connection was really bad on the way home and so I could not even one but I should be doing better now since I am safely back home. Thank you again!
  13. Been searching for 6 hours already have not caught anything ;-; I really hate being in the middle of no where with a slow phone because I can't catch anything I really am too slow for these eggs and I really want more. I cannot wait to see the adults though.
  14. Of course it is really hard for me to catch more of these eggs when I cannot see any and my phone is very slow hopefully I can catch some more because I really would like another set of these
  15. So they are either like Sunrises/Sunsets (which I hope they are not because I am never on in the mornings DC Time) or like Limestones and Spirit Wards? I know we have seen the dark/light forms now. I really hope they are not like sunrise/sunsets or I will cry because I can never get Sunrises myself Oh well just got to wait and see
  16. They are still dropping (I just saw one). They drop in all biomes and the description is "This translucent egg shines like starlight"
  17. It is different. All my Male Vampires, Reds, Crimson Flare Pygmy, Flamingo, Carmine Wyverns, and Red-Finned Tidals are all mixed together. I do not know if it is suppose to be like that but if not I hope it is fixed soon. My hatchies and eggs were okay though it is just the first few dragons that are mixed up.
  18. I think they may be called Celestial Dragons. They may be like vampires and can freeze/unfreeze things. Maybe we have the ability to unfreeze things now? They look like the Celestial dragons from Runescape who have the ability to unfreeze and freeze time. Maybe undo vampire bites Maybe this is why we will really love This dragon? Just my theory lol I mean it is April fools so anything can happen.
  19. I cannot catch any on my mobile this really sucks. Why did I have to go on vacation when these eggs came out because I cannot get anything and my phone accidentally clicks on random eggs sometimes? Hopefully I can get some CBs soon :/
  20. You are welcome to the people who posted they got my babies! I wish I did.. I really would have loved a 2nd gen. From Alt Graves because I do not have any from those yet. ;-;
  21. Most of my eggs are hitting the AP now, hope whoever catches them enjoys them.
  22. That is what Lythiaren said about her undertale eggs and also Phioxse made one from undertale too. For the 2nd question, You have to be invited by other spriters to be able to submit an egg into the festival.
  23. I saw many 2nd gens. go through the AP and I caught some pretty ones! https://dragcave.net/lineage/zlp3f https://dragcave.net/lineage/w51zP https://dragcave.net/lineage/zhRcz https://dragcave.net/lineage/FGiCO https://dragcave.net/lineage/ONaJP Thanks for this event hopefully I can catch more soon because I am locked now I wish I had more egg-slots
  24. If you are looking for the Heartstealing x River line I bred a lineage with exactly that. You just gotta look for the egg in the AP lol It is currently at 4 days and 13 hours. If you want I can PM you the link so you could keep track on it if you really want it