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  1. OHMYGOSH! I just caught an Alpine egg with "space" (obviously not the exact code to avoid viewbombing) as the code! *___*
  2. This topic was started at 6am on Sunday (I thought DC time). It was reasonable therefore to assume that it would last until 6am today, instead of midnight. But really, arguing about semantics isn't going to change much right now and I won't really be losing sleep about missing out on pixel eggs. EDIT: Just to clarify - I am not complaining. I definitely miscalculated and that is my bad. Went "WHOOPS" out loud when I realised this morning!
  3. Well, bugger... I had mistakenly assumed that we had 3 full days (72hours) as opposed to until midnight. Guess the collection is incomplete this year.
  4. Am I the only one who found the holiday "game" tedious? So tedious that I only completed two of the possible outcomes & just couldn't be bothered to do more? The theme & interactions also made me feel very out of the demographic (what IS the DC demographic?). I appreciated the effort of all involved. Maybe the game mechanism could be streamlined in future? I would have loved to be able to skip directly to the club selection scene after the first round.
  5. A bit late to the party. All of my babies came out green, which I guess is the incubated version? How do you get the blue & purple (although I see purple is still being figured out)?
  6. Yhusssss! After 4days of hunting, I got the CB Yulebuck & the 2 CB Hollies I needed! Good luck to those still hunting! One less person to compete with.
  7. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Nice clean Holly up for grabs (yeeees I know there are CBs, but for folks with laggy connections)
  8. Yeah I am in another time zone & the going is easier. Been able to nab at least two of each. Not EASY, but not completely table-flippy either. I imagine with everyone's eggs hatching & opening up slots, that it will get a bit more difficult again for a while with more people hunting. On a side note, I am raking in the rares! Caught two Xenowyrms & a Coastal Pyralspite.
  9. Odd... I had my eggs incubated & added them to a clicksite at about 4days 9hours. Didn't experience any sickness with them.
  10. I just realised that the cute little baby Scimitars were TRYING TO KILL ME!!! D:
  11. So real talk - is there any point/progress to the game? I've played (with great difficulty) through to the end once and got stuck outside the battlements & in the bush respectively due to glitches. Does replaying add anything or is the outcome ultimately the same? I am sure that people more familiar with this style of gaming will be more resilient to the tedium, but it is really horrible to play this on my mobile device. Loving the tongue in cheek commentary but the effort to dig them out spoils it a bit. Great event otherwise & promising dragons!
  12. I have. Several times. It took me nowhere yesterday, but worked today. Tedious.
  13. Extremely tedious game... Reminds me of the time my medical aid refused to okay a procedure because the right procedure codes weren't filled in on the request but they didn't want to tell me what the right codes were sooooo... yeah... ended up in a surgery that could have been an in-the-chair procedure if so much time hadn't lapsed. Speaking of dental surgery... I am still stuck after the Beaver King bit. It tells me I can CONTINUE ONTO THE BATTLEMENTS but no amount of continuing continues my continuance.
  14. "CONTINUE ONTO THE BATTLEMENTS" does nothing despite being the only suggested action. What an I doing wrong?
  15. Just can't seem to find Bord's hiding spot today! Can someone give me a clue? Is he in the same map section where he always is?
  16. Avery hasn't said anything apart from "you ready?" to me and we still don't go anywhere but a black screen when we "leave", so I have no idea what is meant to happen. I haven't done anything apart from repeating the miniquests today. I can't "hard restart" my browser. #mobiledevice
  17. That's great, but Avery wasn't there until I had completed all the miniquests again. Avery talks to me, but I just get a black screen when we "leave". I also feel like I've missed out a chunk of story, cause he talks to me like we had a reeeeally long discussion of what's gonna happen next... when last thing I did was deliver wood to Jade. So utterly confused.
  18. Playing from my mobile device. Do we have to redo all the quests every day to get to new stuff? All of my green checks from yesterday are unchecked and I seriously find it tedious to keep repeating the same quests (especially when they happen at a snail's pace).
  19. So when is the best time to attempt zombies? On Halloween itself?
  20. Yassssss! Managed to snag 2 Alpine, 2 Forest & 3 hybrids! Can't wait to see hatchlings!
  21. Nope - not that I have experienced.
  22. Was wondering what to do with all the APs I've been raising lately for my Encyclopedia... #YHASSSSS
  23. Phew! Got at least one of each new breeds & one Bright Pink (my very first CB one despite being an "old player"). Egglocked & now impatient for hatching time so I can grab more! Really loving the drakes especially.
  24. Where have I been? Only found out about this now. Grabbed 3 Oranges & 4 Blues.