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bluenadircrayon.pngMy Scroll PLEASE CONSIDER THAT I'M AT GMT+2 & HAVE A FULL TIME JOBSO WILY A RULE HAD TO BE CREATED TO SUBDUE ME - BOOYAH! ;)STATUS: OFFLINE (checking in sporadically)WISHLIST: ND (ANY)I ACCEPT & GIVE IOUs! PLEASE PM BEFORE BREEDING *ANYTHING*!I take breeding requests - see my profile for details :)IOUS: qwertyuiop0726 (4th gen Shimmer), Speedyheart (Soulpeace), pikammd (3/12 hatchies)I OWE: NoneTo Do List: Hibernating/Aestivating Drakes (full set), Basking (fix concept sketch, full set), Cleaner Drake (check concept)

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    - I reserve the right to turn down any request, without providing a reason
    - ask nicely and ye shall receive, but a small token of appreciation wouldn't go amiss (especially for Rare breedings)
    - the egg must be accepted immediately, I will not keep it for any amount of time
    - Holiday breedings are NOT included in this section

    Breeding Waiting List:
    - Helel (2013.04.20) - Shimmer :)

    - When offering multiple items, please [color=red]only one egg[/color] per offer (unless it is something I really, really want and we've negotiated :) )
    - Hatchies preferably traded for low-time eggs or hatchies (high-time eggs accepted if it is something I really, really want and we've negotiated :) )
    - *CB* eggs/hatchies preferred (unless it is something I really, really want and we've negotiated :) )(see a pattern here yet?)
    - Lineage-wise, I like stairsteps (irrelevant for Freezing hatchies)
    - IOUs must be filled within two weeks for Commons and is negotiable for Rares (although a month is really my maximum waiting time)

    ==TOP PRIORITY ITEMS:== (in order of wantingness)
    Needed for scroll completion. Will mostly be required for any Uncommon/Rare trades.
    Low gen Holly IOU
    Low gen Gold/Silver (non-Tinsel, NON-Holiday mates, spirals/stairs preferred, CB would make my year)
    ANY Shimmer-scale (any colour, any lineage)(due to bad returns, will only consider existing eggs for trades)
    ANY Neglected

    ==SECOND TIER:==
    Includes items needed to reach scroll goals. Number required will depend on the trade, but when trading commons for uncommons/rares - the more, the merrier! In brackets the preferred gender, if any. For the "hybrid" species - I will be picky with these offers so please don't breed a load of eggs and offer them for trade (see general guidelines).
    *RED* Dorsal

    ==THIRD TIER:==
    Includes useful BSA's or species that I wouldn't mind more of, although *multiples* will be required depending on the trade. In brackets the preferred gender, if any.
    ANY Pink or Red eggs/hatchies (lineage unimportant, but *multiples preferred if not CB*)

    I need hatchies for just about every species! :) Will accept only hatchlings for this category and must be multiples (2+) per offer. Any lineage acceptable, even messy or inbred. Will accept IOUs, but need one hatchie up front.
    Blue Opal (s1, m, f)
    Green Opal (s1, m)
    Alt Black (curled - s1)
    Bloodscale (s1, m, f)
    Bluna (s1)
    Red/Brown/Green Copper (s1, m, f)
    Alt Vine (s1, m, f)
    Daydream (s1, m, f)
    *RED* Dorsal (s1, m, f)
    Fleshcrowne (s1, m, f)
    *NIGHT* Glory (f)
    Metallic Gold (s1)
    Golden Wyvern (s1)
    Trio Ice (s1)
    Trio Magma (s1, f)
    Seawyrm (s1)
    *BLUE* Stripe (s1, m, f)
    Suncrowned (Yellow-crowned) (s1, m)
    Teimarr (s1, f)
    Trio Thunder (m)
    Tidal (s1, m)
    Nhiostrife Wyvern (s1, m, f)
    Ultraviolet (s1, f)
    Waterwalker (s1, m)
    *PURPLE* Dino (s1)

    ==ITEMS I **DO NOT** WANT, SO PLEASE DON'T OFFER THEM:== (exceptions only made for Freezing category)
    Purple Dorsal
    Tinsels (higher than 4th gen)
    Pygmies (all types)
    Purple Ridgewing

    Hollies (low gen, but any will do!)
    Pumpkin (2nd gen preferably)

    **COULD USE:**
    Low gen Tinsels (Gold/Silver/Bronze)
    CB Stripes
    Pinks/Reds of any lineage

    **IOUs OWED TO ME:**
    2013.03.23 - 4th gen Bronze Shimmer (from CB White mate) from qwertyuiop0726
    2013.04.18 - 2nd gen Soulpeace hatchie from Speedyheart
    2013.09.23 - 12 hatchies for freezing from pikammd (9/12 delivered) (*PAID IN FULL*)

    **IOUs OWED BY ME:**

    [[...updated 2013-10-13]]