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  1. question about the valentines heart candy box-as people give you valentines do they sit in the middle of the box?
  2. man, I love these biodomes. Already got my dragons I LOVE the valentines idea! I sent some to random people-hopefully I'll get one too ^u^ Happy Valentines Day everyone! I send luff to you all! <3
  3. Got mine! Hopefully the bione system will give everyone a better chance of getting the eggs. Thank you TJ, spriters, and everyone else who put this event and eggs together, and Happy Holidays to all!
  4. This is an awesome event! I can't believe i didn't know about it till today! Is there any way to get the decorations we missed on the other days? Just an optimistic hope
  5. linka1

    2011-06-10 - UPDATES

    YUS. Question though: which biome do we go to for the holiday dragons now? Will they be in one, in all of them, or will a special biome appear for each holiday?
  6. ^ this. and the same for biomes
  7. yus! got a dark! have one of each :3 can't wait to hunt again and get others for my sets :3
  8. well, i found out why i'm not getting that dark dragon...looks like i'm locked *headdesk* i thought with the bronze we could get five eggs at once-guess I was wrong :/ i guess i'll have to wait for one of my eggs to hatch before I get it T__T
  9. gah, still 4/5. it sure is a mysterious egg; it mysteriously keeps getting away from me
  10. alright, 4/5. the dark one is the only one i need. ohh man, i hope they grow fast-it's gonna be hard getting others of these X3
  11. Happy Birthday DC! booyah, 3/5. it's gonna be tough getting a second of each of these guys...oh boy...
  12. quick question: does anyone know the time interval between the eggs appearing? I probably won't have enough time to get them all, but I'm gonna try to get as many as i can.
  13. linka1

    2011-03-16 - New Eggs

  14. can any of you guys move the present that's under the tree? I can't-just confirming that i'm not crazy, lol
  15. Wait, how do we see the tree?
  16. OO oh wow, that's a bunch of changes! I really will make the game pretty interesting :3 now I need to get more magi's
  17. Yay! 92/92! I had no clue if I was going to get anywhere near them, either X3 Thanks for the gifites TJ and artists, and good luck to everyone still trying to get them all!
  18. at 68 :3 and...does anyone know what this is?
  19. haaa...i get it-eye candy!
  20. I typically use Chrome. It's pretty fast, however for some things it's not really compatible yet or it gives me problems, like getting these treats-I didn't see one for hours at one point till I came on here and saw people noting that Chrome isn't co-operating.
  21. Hey, do you all know what this is?