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ThePoison.pngI accept IOU. PM or see Profile for more.Wishlist (all CB - to have 2m/2f each):Gold (1m), Silver (1m/2f), Bluesang (1f)I'm from Germany, so my english may not be perfect and I might not answer cause I'm at work or sleeping.Why is it so hard to reply to PM in trading? A "No thanks" or "Waiting on more offer, pls be patient" doesn't hurt or cost much time -.-Resorting Scroll, current names are temps and will be renamed after sorting is finished.

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    Chanilove: all fulfilled
    silkipin: fulfilled
    shhhhsleeping: finally fulfilled, after weeks of pain xD


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    nothing yet


    Looking for fresh blood for your lines? Check my scroll, maybe i can breed something for you. Just ask about it, i'm sure i'll find something you can breed (or catch) for me in return.

    Got my first CB Gold while my favourite song was on media player *thanks Watch Out!*