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  1. Definitely worth it. Although I still didn't manage to get a holly this year but it's nice to not have a wall of christmas eggs that no one is able to pick up because of limits. Now we can make some nice lineages with holiday dragons which is a plus in my book.
  2. Request: Looking for mates for some of my halloween dragons. 1. 3rd gen M Pumpkin x F Crimson Flare checker. (mate for him) 2. 3rd gen M Pumpkin x F Misfit checker. (mate for him) I can breed anything off my scroll in exchange. Thanks!
  3. Roti Prata, 1 plain and 2 eggs. To those who actually know what I'm talking about without googling, props to you.
  4. Was refreshing a page when an egg popped out. Time to get them all! Thanks to all who made this event.
  5. Hi everyone, need a bit of help here. Recently bred this pretty and I also have this handsome guy. What I need is two 2nd gen pinks from gold-winged snow angels to continue the lineage. If you guys can help or wanna trade please pm me. Oh, I'm also looking for 2nd gen pinks from snow angels from other wing colors so that I can further my lineage. Thanks!
  6. I have something similar. Lineage Though I haven't managed to find a mate for him yet. If I managed to find one, maybe we can swap.
  7. Just went through my scroll and saw this pairing. Glad they liked each other. Halloween Red
  8. Support longer times for new release drops. I do seemed to remember it wasn't this short before. What with the growing community and all, it should be longer so that everyone at least have a chance to grab an egg. I'll also like to point out that new release is not an event and as such no one will be prepared for it. I'm sure people will have eggs on their scroll that they'll rather not drop into the AP. So a longer time would be nice.
  9. Hey guys, I'm planning to start a perfect checker personal lineage. The problem is with so many dragons, it's kind of hard to pick which 2. So I need a bit of input from you guys. It's time to share those lovely checkers that you have been making! Preferably with lineage lines of 4th gen and above so that the design is clearer. Thank you!
  10. Pern, definitely Pern. Why? Dragons, and you can ride them. And have small dragons as pets.
  11. Not allergic to anything. Let's hope it stays that way.
  12. Picked this beauty off of AP. I must say the color looks lovely. 09 valentines go really well with a light blue scheme.
  13. Very beautiful eggs! Can't wait to see what hatches from them. Event is really nice too. Time to send out lots of cards!
  14. I'm leaning towards either golden wyvern or moonstone. I haven't breed my rosebud either as I'm also having a hard time deciding. lol
  15. Thanks for the info! Time to breed!
  16. Hey guys, I need some help with finding a mate for my sweetling. He needs a 2nd gen black from regular sweetling as a mate. Thank you. *Edit: Got helped already. Thank you very much.
  17. Not sure if anyone has mentioned it but the badge for having no frozen needs tweaking. Leetle trees are considered frozen and you can't choose to 'unfreeze' it when you picked it up.
  18. Between influence and incubate, I would say I use incubate almost all the time. Influence is only used if I really need an egg to be a certain gender.
  19. Mine was snow angels. One of my favorite dragons.
  20. For me, it's stripes. I've actually seen quite a few of trios/dinos/paper/chicken/metallics/black. But rarely do I see a CB stripe.
  21. While I support the idea, I see that this post was started on 10th June 2009. It would have been implemented by now if it's feasible won't it?
  22. “My fiend?” Kuo looked up from shaking water off his hair at Sera, “his name is Shadowheart.” Kuo dropped off his packet in the kitchen and went to bed. Just as he was about to get to sleep, a scream filled the air. Jumping up in shock, Kuo looked about wildly. Were they been attacked? Kuo dashed out the corridor just as a loud crash came from the direction of the scream. He opened a door in time to see Rosa treating one of the girls. Part of the wall of the building was collapsed and an apologetic looking Seth stood nearby. Kuo saw Ceil and he looked really to explode. Kuo stood in shock as C
  23. Kuo nodded at Sera’s suggestion. It would be a good idea to fly back on Shadow and if Ceil was going to be unhappy about that, there was nothing he could do. “Leo,” Kuo mumbled softly, summoning his fiend. As usual, black wings sprouted from his back and the great form of Shadow appeared the rest of the way behind him. It’s raining, Shadow thought reproachfully at Kuo as he spread out his great wings, sheltering Kou and Sera under them. You are not going to melt, Kuo thought back teasingly, come on, let’s get back to the school as fast as possible. Kuo jumped on Shadow and helped Sera up behin