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  1. Account registration was closed for the Advent Calendar and the admin hasn't really been active to turn it back on yet; last we've heard is they've gotten pretty sick over the past month w/no ETA on updates. I'm hoping everything will smooth out soon!
  2. I know these blue ones.... nice
  3. I tried to let the white grow on me but sadly it is caused me too much of a headache to deal with, so I had to switch back. Unfortunate, I actually liked everything else...
  4. The bright white is pretty jarring to me, honestly.
  5. me and my new swag: https://i.imgur.com/IFzrVZy.jpg
  6. Oh. They're real. I thought we were joking here.
  7. Same problem! Replayed day six since it was bugged and... still can't get the items
  8. I see people saying they are missing the scale and flowers, were those optional or important cause I'm also missing mine :s
  9. WOW this is impressive guys! strange the raffle goes unmentioned...
  10. There is a toad "treat". I approve of this event.
  11. There is a very large reason behind that. Of course, there is also a smaller release planned in two days. But you might want to grow those relatively fast...
  12. ab613 won! Thank you for all of your entries
  13. And the poll is up, entries closed. Good luck!
  14. Added! Just a few more hours
  15. Added Tomorrow is the last day; goodluck
  16. Just a bump, 5 days left to submit :3
  17. Added, Dolphin! And give it a try; practice makes perfect!
  18. Current Entries: ObsessedWithCats This egg looks like the set-up for an unoriginal comedy sketch. Aquenee This sweet-smelling egg has a peculiar stem growing out of it. DOLPHIN232 This bright egg looks like a strawberry... You hope your other dragons won't eat it. ab613 This egg smells so fruity, you're tempted to eat it raw. 20mia08 This egg smells very sweet, it makes your mouth water... gusearth1 This egg is slightly prickly, and smells exotic. Tiga This egg smells of apple and has... a worm crawling out of it?!
  19. Ever dreamed of creating your very own dragon egg? Well then, here's your chance! For this contest, you will be given a theme and have to create a unique dragon egg that adheres to that theme. Each artist will be given two weeks to create their egg and then post it here to be voted on. Find the DC egg base here: Here! This contest ends 3/23/15. It may be extended if not enough eggs are submitted. Voting will take place for two weeks after the deadline. Rules: 1. Each user may only submit ONE egg design per contest, no exceptions. 2. Eggs must use the standard egg format for DC. 3. Eggs must be your original design, no copying! Those who copy eggs will be disqualified and will not have a chance to participate in the poll. 4. Artists will have 2 weeks to complete their designs and submit them. There will then be a poll to determine the winner. 5. Be creative, and have fun! The theme for this contest is: Fruit! Strange fruit; normal fruit; obscure fruit (looking at you, pumpkin). Prizes: The winner may ask for a bred egg / bite egg from one of my dragons on my scroll (excluding Merry); or a pair of common / semicommon CB hatchlings . The winner also gets to host the next contest; and can also opt to give these prizes to the second place winner. Previous Winners and Themes: gloryKAT - Summer HawktalonOfRiverClan - Elements Floralpikmin99 - Opposites Diaveborn - Gemstones HawktalonOfRiverClan - Animals TLOSpyrogirl - Holidays sbowen - Natural Disasters Infernette - Movies