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  1. Happy Halloween everyone! Thanks TJ and spriters!
  2. Can't wait to see the adults! The baby hatchies are so adorable and the egg is beautiful too. I absolutely love it. I'm sure I'm going to love the adults. So excited! And the event is cool too. My Sweetling has an undine dragon now when he had a black one before. Kinda excited to see what happens at the end of the event.
  3. Wow! That's such a cool egg! Can't wait to see the adult!
  4. I chose my Sweetling. Anyways, I can't wait to get the egg. I always want to wait until I finally pick up the egg to see what it actually looks like, so I'm resisting the temptation to look at the first page. Can't wait for the next drop.
  5. Excited for all things Vday this year! Should be super fun! Looking forward to it!
  6. The Czech Republic is my second favorite after the US thanks to the fact that Vladimir Sobotka was supposed to be on the Czech hockey team until an unfortunate leg injury just prior to the start of the Olympics. Even though he won't be there, I'll still be cheering for his country. Which brings me to my favorite part of the Winter Olympics, which is hockey. As a Blues fan, I am so happy to see so much support for TJ Oshie and his shootout yesterday. But boy do I have high hopes for the US team this year.
  7. Oh my gosh! Literally soo pretty! I love these eggs and I'm so excited to see them grow up!
  8. Okay, finally got my egg! I really like them, they're so gorgeous and awesome-looking. Excited to see them grow into adults.
  9. I had so much fun these past seven days. Loved it! Can't wait to get this dragon.
  10. Still haven't caught one so I'll be trying. Just sort of got back now so I've had a tricky time trying to catch on my phone.
  11. Somehow got one.... Yay! They're absolutely gorgeous!
  12. Gotta say I wasn't expecting 2nd gens... But I absolutely love that we got them!
  13. Wow, got one on like my 2nd try. I'm getting better at this catching thing. Finally after so many years. Ah well, it looks absolutely gorgeous.
  14. I absolutely love the hatchies! Gorgeous! Can't wait to see the adults of all these breeds.
  15. Wow. Lag...Gorgeous eggs though. Now if I could just manage to grab one.
  16. FINALLY got one. Took me a while. I didn't want to stay up too late as I was studying for exams but I finally got an egg in the hourly drop. They're so gorgeous looking!
  17. Happy Birthday DC! Nice break from studying for exams!
  18. Gorgeous avvies! Nice work Mysfytt!
  19. chuhulil

    Forum Usage Survey

    Done! Hope you enjoy my thoughts!
  20. Oh my gosh this is exciting! Yay! Can't wait till the 22nd!
  21. Congrads yosofine, Shiny Hazard Sign, dragonhatchling, Mousia, simkim and Hellen. Sorry if I spelled any names wrong. Congrads with your new mod posts now and I know you guys will do a great job to keep the forum safe.
  22. Pugs. Adorable, wrinkly little pugs...
  23. I absolutely adore both of the adults! I still need to get a Soulpeace dragon but I can't wait for my Royal Crimson to grow up.
  24. Gosh, the 2nd Gen hatchies look absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait to breed one. I still have to get a CB white and I can't do that now as I'm egg locked. I just realized I only have one Daydream and one White and they're both male.. But, the white isn't CB and the Daydream is, so...