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  1. Pure stripe Thuwed free to a good home Also I am looking for 3rd even gen Thuwed's for my collection/project that I may pick back up after a long long break lol, I'm especially looking for some of the 'newer' pairs eg. the xenowyrm pairs. If anyone has a second gen they'd be willing to breed please let me know. Thanks Edit: hopefully link works this time!
  2. Request I'm looking for 2nd gen nebulas from Yule x Red neb unrelated to http://dragcave.net/lineage/aeKji or http://dragcave.net/lineage/ebYiF Happy to breed 2nd gen non holidays from my cb yules in exchange or anything else from my scroll. Thanks!
  3. Thanks Pryanka Urgh what a perfectly depressing day :| That was not the news I wanted to wake up to! Anyway, as a distraction, even gen thuweds for anyone that wants them... 4th gen skywing (lineage) 4th gen hellfire (lineage) 4th gen terrae (lineage) and this last one isn't a checker 4th gen sunsong lineage Enjoy!
  4. Well I just accidentally bred this to the ap http://dragcave.net/lineage/DqUH6 *facepalms* On the plus side, they like each other.
  5. I'm not terribly keen on any of the hatchlings now I've seen them either. The thing is not so much that there is anything wrong with the new sprites per se, some will like & others won't that's just a matter of opinion but what I really don't get is why do we HAVE to keep updating the older sprites? Sure the newer one may be technically 'better' either in shading/anatomy or what have you but very often in the changes it loses the character of the original sprites even in supposedly minor changes and never mind huge ones (golds) and it completely changes the lineages that people have worked on sometimes for years. I know not everyone builds lineages but I am getting truly fed up with this happening over and over again.
  6. Agreed. On the Silvers, while I appreciate the work I do NOT like the result. I'm sure some people will love this but I find them too shiny and the male in particular has changed too much. There go a great bunch of my lineages because I just do not have any interest in collecting them anymore I quite like the split update though.
  7. I am sort of working on one on and off, but I'm afraid you're way past the point that I could help with! This is as far as I've managed to get... 6th gen Magi 5th gen Mint & not forgetting the 4th gens that refused each other Flamingo & Spitfire *rolls eyes* I may see if I can pester you for a breeding at some point Like I said this is on and off, my main thuwed line is with 3rd gen checker's for example this Turpentine
  8. Well I can breed this https://dragcave.net/lineage/1VTvP which I think is unrelated? It'll get you at least part of the way to a mate you need...
  9. @TCA, yeah I agree it's not that there's a huge colour change, it's the overall effect and like I said it's a subjective opinion on this one and for me it doesn't work. As changes go it's one I can live with (not that I have a choice) much happier than say the golds. Not quibbling about the sprites themselves (although I personally was rather fond of the old derpy gold) but the dragons on my scroll after that update had no resemblance to the ones I had collected! I'm would say I'm hoping the same doesn't happen with the silvers but at this point not sure I am particularly hopeful.
  10. C4 has a good point, I don't think any spriter deliberately tries to ruin lineages or even that they don't pay attention to how it looks but the usual result of a major sprite update is people who have invested a lot of time in breeding specific lineages feeling aggrieved. This is why although I fully support dimorphism ( the more the better!) I really wish it would be introduced from the beginning rather than changing the sprites years down the road and infuriating lineage builders. That's all a more general point, on this specific update? I LIKE the new horse sprite, a lot, it looks sort of busy in the lineage view but maybe that can be tweaked, I've never done much with the horses but I suspect that might change *ponders* The nilia... everyone by now has mentioned the female's neck, apart from that I don't have a problem with it and I guess I'll get used to them. The Holly... *sighs* Honestly? I'm in the camp that didn't want them messed with despite the wonky anatomy but at least it's not unrecognisable. I appreciate that Birdz has been respectful of the original and I'm pretty ok with the anatomy tweaks and the smoothing out of the shading but... Now this is a personal opinion that people may disagree with, the new sprite is or at least looks a lighter shade and more shiny and for me that is not an improvement, I think it's lost something of the charm of the original (also somehow the legs look spindlier). Not everything has to be blindingly shiny and I have to admit I am not exactly looking forward to the silver update.
  11. Still not showing, must be my browser. Weird. Now can I remember how to do a hard refresh *googles* ETA: cleared cache, forced refreshed, still not there but I will take your word for it lol
  12. Am I imagining things or has the striped river x blue gemshard pair disappeared from the thuwed list? Anyway, congrats to all those who managed to nab a 2nd gen
  13. I like the thought of Thuwed Xenowyrms & more pairs in general In the meantime 4th gen striped river anyone? It was a testbreed that I quite like but don't think I'll use... Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  14. ... so this is what I get for ignoring my notifications for a couple of days? Mind you my email often delays them so if this is the way it's going to be from now on bye bye chance of 2nd gen Thuwed I guess
  15. *frowns at Cyradis* You leave my silvers alone! I really hate having a drastic sprite change, still miffed at the golds, not because I have anything against the new sprite but because that was not what I collected and I was rather fond of the old derpy sprite. If a new silver dragon was introduced fine. I could live with smaller updates to the sprites, what I do not want is all my silvers to suddenly change to completely new sprites that might be very nice but wouldn't be what I collected and based my lineages on. Alts, hybrids, all good and in general I like breed only dragons, less frustration in the cave
  16. I'm all for more NEDG's and definitely more likely to use them in lineages if there is more choice. To be honest have never really thought about how often but a couple of times a year/ every few months seems reasonable. I think I'd prefer them released along with other 'normal' dragons but honestly I'm not overly fussed as long as they do get released
  17. Haha yeah I don't have a 2nd gen prize to trade, oh well! Thanks for letting me know though
  18. My dragons are still refusing to cooperate but hey, in the meantime: 4th EG Thuwed looking for a new home Btw if anyone has a 2nd gen from the Pillow x Frostbite pair and would be willing to breed a 3rd gen checker please let me know, it's one of the few pairs I'm still missing.
  19. Bleh, I seem to have been booted off the list at some point! Oh well, will just have to wait until next time it opens. Congrats to everyone who got their eggs this time
  20. Two 4th gen PB Thuweds up for grabs, it would be nice to know where they end up 1) http://dragcave.net/lineage/npIms Claim my eggs/hatchlings! 2) http://dragcave.net/lineage/ZAgf0 Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  21. 4th gen free to a good home because the Ices are being bratty as usual! Claim my eggs/hatchlings! It would be nice to know where it ends up
  22. Yes, but usually just says smth along lines of you recently got an egg must wait x weeks. Has that changed to just showing it as closed now? But anyway congrats to anyone who got an egg/on a list
  23. Congrats to the winners, some really cool codes this year (I have particular designs on offspring of Snape & Frodo lol).