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  1. To all the people who would like to figure out who made the beautiful snowman with legs for days, tis was I. You are very welcome. May the legs forever grace your homes.
  2. I'm hoping everyone is enjoying the event! Would like it if people would take a gander at my fort. :3c What's everyone's favorite item in the game that they like?
  3. AAAA They have witch hats! I absolutely adore the color palette, been waiting for a purple/orange derg for a while. If people don't like it, that's their opinion.
  4. My spuds hatched, now it's time to stock up on ap eggs. Managed to grab an offspring from a spriter's alt \o\ That counts two this year.
  5. Didn't attempt any zombies this year because, like a doof, I earthquaked some eggs. Got my limit of 8 new babies. Very happy at the choice of color for them.
  6. @Ribombee There are 49 trick or treat items. That's all that we can gather this year.
  7. I think I have all 49 ToTs. I made four of them, and I'm happy one in particular garnered some attention.
  8. ToT has 49 treats, whereas the event with the choose-your-adventure story has 24 items. There might be a chance to be able to run through the story event later. All I know is that things take time, don't stress over it.
  9. I don't think everything should be updated, but the more older sprites could use the love. Just some updates to make them look more 'modern' like newer breeds. Dinosaurs, Papers, Cheeses, Blacks, Daydreams etc. would be great. All except for Albinos because I'm biased. Albinos are perfect as they are.
  10. Oh wow I didn't even notice the post. Good going guys, they look great. Big congrats/thanks to @Mewtie and @Infinis on their massive portions of work while i sit here with my teeny little sketches.
  11. Want: 2 cb Yules. Have: I can breed almost anything for them. Currently any growing hatchlings or eggs are off-limits. Message me with your preferred pairing. Click the albino egg in my sig to go to my scroll.
  12. I decided to practice my shading. It's probably not DC worthy, but I tried. Could use some crits on this practice sprite to help me further my ability to shade. EDIT: Progress shots before it was finished
  13. Normal Scroll options allow us to view our dragons from 50 to 500 per page, but this does not affect Groupings. I have 2k+ dragons on my scroll at the current moment, and most of them are made entirely up of Albinos. I have 853 Albinos that I've decided to place in one group all together to keep track of the amount I have. As it currently stands, every image of each Albino dragon (be it adult to egg) loads up on this tab when I open their group. While it doesn't cause me any issues aside from slight lag scrolling down the list of them, I'm sure it would cause a problem for someone else. So I suggest having the option that's available on the vanilla scroll to be extend to the groupings.
  14. I did my last story. :3 I'm repeating the sledding minigame for furniture. Just noticed now that the ice is harmless and you can sled on it....
  15. I'm liking how the story is coming out. Meanwhile Gladys still refuses to take her stupid package even after refreshing. On another note: LOOKIT MY HOUSE 8D
  16. The snow in Alhira really slows things down... Also I'm reporting Gladys wants her package brought back to sender. UPDATE: The lit Art Nouveau Fireplace has a broken gif.
  17. I'd like to announce a PSA. I found a neat thing that pixel artists can use. I can't explain it since I don't know all that mumbo jumbo about using photoshop or gimp for pixels, but it seems pretty helpful. To quote a tumblr user that I found this from: "Lets you paint pixel art in Photoshop in a non-destructive manner, and lets you use pretty much every tool in a perfectly pixel-gradient fashion". Link
  18. Awfully surprising to see a drop this month. Never seemed to happen before. ovo; I got 3 lustrous and 2 of the new drakes. Hopefully I can grab 2 mottleds to lock myself.