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  1. I tried my hand at writing fanfic once. I wasn't any good at it. I kept getting distracted, losing my inspiration, turning characters into Sues/Stus, and all in all did a really bad job of it. I really admire the people that can write good fanfiction. They've got talent that I can only dream of. As for the people who write bad fanfiction... Well, that's a rant for a different thread. I also admire the people who can pull off complicated cosplays. That takes a lot of time and effort, and there is very little payoff other than the feeling of a job well done. I have cosplayed at my local AnimeFest, but I had to borrow the outfit from a friend. This year I'm going to try to make my own costume. No telling how that will turn out. I tend to stay out of shipping wars for the most part, but darn if they aren't fun to watch. Remember the Zutara vs. Kataang vs. Maiko war a few years back? I got a lot of giggles out of that one. As for shipping in general, I've had my fair share of OTPs and crack pairings, and supported them in my own way. I consider myself a part of a large number of fandoms, most of them old school anime. The first Digimon series, Dragonball and Dragonball Z, Case Closed, Lupin III, Cowboy Bebop, Yu Yu Hakusho, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Vampire Hunter D, Kingdom Hearts, Wicked, and Yu-Gi-Oh are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. I'd have to say that I'm involved in Yu-Gi-Oh more than any other fandom. No other show has ever held my attention like that one. When I read fanfiction, it's usually Yu-Gi-Oh fanfiction. When I look for fanart, it's usually YGO I'm searching for. When I daydream, YGO is usually the fandom that takes center stage. Even though the rest of my friends have lost interest, I just can't pull myself away from it. I don't even WANT to pull myself away from it.
  2. Okay, this dream is from a while ago, so some of the details are sketchy. It was the Zombie Apocalypse. Society as we know it had crumbled. I was with a small group of survivors, and we were constantly fleeing from hoards of zombies. Eventually we started heading for the top floor of a skyscraper. We knew we were trapping ourselves but we had no choice but to go that way. Toward the top we found a couple who (get this) were turned on by the prospect of a Zombie Apocalypse. No lie. They were making out every five minutes or so because the zombies were making them horny. I think the boy had been bitten by a zombie and was slowly turning, and that turned the girl on even more. Naturally, the rest of the group and I thought they were the biggest dumba$$es we'd ever seen. We continued up the building when a thunderstorm started. Apparently this skyscraper was on a sea-side cliff because we eventually decided that we'd rather jump off of a cliff than be turned into zombies. I remember jumping and as I fell, I saw that stupid couple making out while the zombies were breaking down the door. I think I saw a pirate ship at the bottom of the cliff, but I woke up before I could start in on a pirate adventure. A real shame, that. I would rather have a pirate adventure than a zombie adventure any day. (Or night.)
  3. "Foolish FOOL! There are no women Yu-Gi-Oh! Only extremely girly men! And I am the girliest one of them all!" Yeah, LK is hilarious. Wish the next episode would come out though.
  4. I was always a bit wary about trying that in case it left permanent marks on the TV. (I know you said "dry-erase" but in my experience those things react differently to different surfaces.)
  5. Have you beat the game? Several times as a matter of fact. Have you found all of the stray beads? Nope. Gotten all of the weapons? I think so. Had trouble with spider gates? Not really. Found all the secret brush techniques? Pretty sure I have. Etc. I hate the Blockheads. Especially that one on Oni Island. I'll be cruising through Oni Island, having a good time, looking forward that big boss fight, and then WHAM! Blockhead. I have spent HOURS trying to get past that bleeping thing.
  6. I read the first Twilight book, and it left me with absolutely no desire to read any of the sequels. It bored me to no end. And after reading the summaries for the other books, I get the feeling that I dodged a very poorly written bullet. I'm rather fond of the Inheritance series. I have read the reasons for why it is not good and I admit that they are legitimate, well-thought out reasons. However, I first read Eragon when I was starving for a good dragon story, and (for me) Eragon fit the bill.
  7. Not to mention that it got really, really, REALLY gross. Seriously, what is up with this nasty brightly colored gore? That's not funny. That makes me want to barf.
  8. I own quite a few manga. (is too lazy to actually go count them) I have Dragonball, some of Yu-Gi-Oh Battle City, a ton of Shonen Jump issues, and most of NORA: The Last Chronicle of Devildom. For those of you who are curious, NORA is a really great series. Think about what Inuyasha would be without all the filler and love octagons, and you have this series in a nutshell.
  9. Rogue Galaxy. It's fun, it's gorgeous, it's an RPG that I could play over and over again. I'm hoping it will get a bigger fanbase soon because not nearly enough people know about it.
  10. Want...but can't have... because of scroll lock... GAH!
  11. "Ain't No Rest For The Wicked," by Cage the Elephant. I love it, but I can only ever remember the chorus.
  12. Let's just say all of the Barbie movies are terrible, shall we?
  13. By all accounts, this game should not be as awesome as it is. WHY IS IT SO AWESOME?!?!
  14. I had this dream last night that went like this. As in one of my previous dreams, I was a fictional character, only this time I/he* had dragon wings, dragon legs and a tail. I got the feeling that I/he was running away from home and that it wouldn't be long before someone found out that I/he was missing. Anyway, I/he was flying over my neighborhood... and this is the weird bit. I knew it was my neighborhood, but it was pitch black. No street lights, no house lights, no moon, no stars, no nothing. The best I could make out were some grainy images that told me/him I/he was above the height of a telephone pole. Also, for some reason I/he kept losing control of my/his flying ability. I think I/he landed on a roof once. *I keep having dreams about being a fictional male character. Wat?
  15. David Bowie is the only man on the planet that is allowed to sparkle. Also, that "Dance, Magic, Dance" sequence is to die for.
  16. I loved the TV series with all my heart, but the movie... ... M. Night. Shyamalan. WHAT THE F---(goes into long, explicative loaded rant about how Shymalan directs horror movies and shouldn't have been allowed within twenty feet of this script.)
  17. Well, there was this one song I heard years and years ago. It was some freaky techno song and the beginning sounded like a heartbeat. It scared me so bad, I would flee the room after 30 seconds of listening.
  18. Played 9, loved it, never seemed to get around to finishing it. (Zidane FTW!!!) Tried to play 10 twice, never even got halfway through. I freakin' hated that plot! (I could go into a huge rant about this, but I think I would regret it later.)
  19. I only read the first book, and while I didn't hate it, I also had no desire to read any of the sequels. The whole thing felt cliched, overdone, like I'd read the same books a dozen times before. Also, the pacing was something I didn't care for. I felt like that book could have been half the length it was and still gotten all of its points across just fine. My overall opinion? A mediocre book, not terrible, but also not as great as some people make it out to be.
  20. I just remembered another weird dream I had. It was a Kingdom Hearts dream. So, Sora and co. were fighting Heartless in an area that looked like a tomb or maybe some other kind of ruin. In any case, it was dark and there were a lot of stone staircases. And I mean a LOT. As in, the whole time we were fighting, we were on a freaking staircase. Anyway, this one new Heartless appeared. I don't remember what it looked like, but it could call all of the Shadow Heartless in the area to it for protection. Apparently there were a ton and a half of Shadow Heartless here, because I almost couldn't see the floor anymore after they were called. When I checked the Journal to see what it was, it was listed as a Storm Caller (why not Shadow Caller?). The description went something like, "Has the ability to summon all of the Shadow Heartless in the area... blah blah blah... because that's what happens when you call up a storm." I remember that last line as being really ominous.
  21. I just realized that my last post couldn't really be considered "weird" because lots of people have "flying dreams." This one is much stranger. First of all, in this dream I'm seeing everything through the viewpoint of a fictional character (I won't say which one). This fictional character is male (No it's not Edward. I hate Edward.) In this dream, I have been kidnapped by some weird, subterranean goblin people. They have put me in a cave that I seem to remember seeing in Fern Gully or something similar. I then realize that it's not just me, a girl about my age has been put into the cave with me. She has semi-long strawberry blond hair and I think she was wearing a running outfit. Anyway, we come up with a plan to escape. Somehow, even though the entrance was guarded, we manage to get out of our prison cave. The dream kind of fades out for a while, but when it refocuses my companion and I have been captured again. I "remember" that we were separated during our escape. I now have a broken leg and she has a broken arm. I think I had a fever in the dream because I felt really hot but I knew that the cave was cool. Something happened, but I don't remember what, and then I woke up.
  22. Hmm, I've had quite a few odd dreams, but this is the most recent one. I was standing in my backyard (which actually LOOKED like my backyard), and it was springtime. I'd probably say about time for Easter. The wind started to blow. For some unknown reason, the wind actually blew me off of the ground and I started to fly/glide in the wind. I panicked a bit and got myself back to the ground. I waited a little bit and then jumped back into the air. By moving my body in a certain way, I could manipulate the air flow and fly, just like if I had had wings! I could move myself higher or lower, steer from side to side, though I never did a loop-de-loop. I was so happy, and I spent a long time just flying around in my backyard, going higher and higher, but never higher than our big maple tree. (This isn't really important to the dream, but I want to mention it anyway. In real life I have pretty long hair, it goes down to below my shoulder blades when I stand up straight. In the dream I have very short hair that barely reaches my ears.) Then I woke up.
  23. I can see this battle now... Edward: I will defeat you! *sparkle* I have an abusive relationship to get back to! *sparkle* Hiya! *tries to punch Alucard* Alucard: *easily dodges punch* *laughs evilly* *shoots Edward through the head 10 times with the Jackal, then has the body eaten by his creepy hell-hound* And the winner is ... Alucard!! (Like there was ever any doubt?)