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  1. R.I.P. Kenshin from Samurai X, but you deserved a happy ending after everything you went through. *cries* R.I.P. Ulquiorra from Bleach (Even though it has already been said.)
  2. I liked Tidus too and Yuffie however I do agree that Rikku is annoying. On the other hand, I found Auron annoying, and he is a character beloved by most people I talk to. The most annoying to me though were Aerith, the girl in your party in FF2 (forgot her name), and Snow.
  3. My seventh grade teacher told us to right a short story about how the lights were on in a town, but no one was there. For half of the time she gave us to work I was writing and the other half I was trying to think of a name for my main character. After a while, I just stuck together a bunch of letters and ended up with Vorthy. However, this I felt was to close to my "pet name", Wolfy (I know they are quite different. I just have a problem with having anything I write be close to reality at all.). My friends helped me edit the name and created the name Vorthera. It now is kind of like a symbol of our friendship even though that happened quite a while ago.
  4. I have the Advent Children remix and that's it. However I have all of Zack's themes (or at least that is what Square Enix says most of the Crisis Core songs are) on my ipod. I beat that part quite easily, but the problem I had was when he kept using Heartless Angel. He would always attack me right afterward when I still had only one health point left.
  5. I really don't support any pairings except Cloud x Tifa. Cloud x Aerith = No just no. That is probably because I dislike most female characters in ff though. Even Aerith annoys me. Sorry you guys.
  6. That would explain how she knew about his swim trunks. The receptionist is a stalker though.
  7. Are you implying Cissnei is? Well, whoever it is it must be a Turk.
  8. Ok then I will try it. Who do you think Black Suit is? I think it may be Tseng. Tseng seems like a creep to me as well.
  9. Very true and he could have just been reading Famous Gardens Monthly out in public. Edit: I've never played it, but from what you say, I don't know if I want to. Would you recommend it?
  10. Maybe what they say isn't close, but my question is where did they get his profile from?At least Hojo works in the ShinRa labs and may be the one that makes the hair products for Sephy. He still is a creep though. Even his voice scares me.
  11. I always knew there was something wrong with Hojo. He has always slightly scared me. *takes back what I said about the Keepers of Honor* I just read over their emails. Did you get the one about his "unauthorized" profile?
  12. That had me rolling. Where do they get their information? At least the Red leather and Angeal people (forgot their name) don't know everything about them. They just constantly give me updates that they are selling jewelry and copies of LOVELESS.
  13. Why would you duck? I know I wouldn't throw anything at you. As I look back on my life, I realize I didn't cry very often, but Crisis Core makes me bawl my eyes out. Then after I run out of tears, sulk in a dark corner until I have the ability to cry again. Where the Red Fern Grows didn't even make me shed a tear, so that is huge for me. Don't get me wrong. It is an amazing game and fun to play. Just, if you ever do play it, do one of two things. Don't defeat the army at the end, or walk out of the room afterward. You have sparked my curiosity. What email about his hair?
  14. That is the folder name for the Zack Fair fan club. I took my time throughout the game and got quite a few members (somewhere around 100,000) I always ditch my gaming console and go into the other room. The only exception is Crisis Core because I was too upset to leave. This was partly because I had the command raise currently activated and a phoenix down but it doesn't affect the story at all. The other reasons were shock and sorrow.
  15. You beat all of Crisis Core? The end made me depressed...... Anyway, I missed my opportunity to join (or get anyone to mention)the silver elites, but for some reason was still able to unlock the Heros. o.O When did you join?
  16. Well, the good news is that you are probably doing better with FF7 than I am with FF13. I was up all night last night trying to get as far as I could on my (new) Crisis Core file, and got so used to the DMW that I ran into a huge boss battle (on FF13) without leveling up any of my party members. That battle lasted exactly 9 seconds before I died (forgot about the Paradigm system too). I am a disgrace to FF13, but on a lighter note, I defeated Angeal and was named (by my friends) one of the largest Zack fans.
  17. I will make note of it. Thank you.
  18. Just four more days until I get a ps3. Then I can play FF: XIII, IX, VIII and anything else for the ps3/on psn. These last few days are torture every year.
  19. I know but I can't be on the computer and psp at the same time apparently. Plus, it was on sale.
  20. All done. It looks like Zack is in the snow, and that's close enough for me. It is cute.
  21. I will add something to my siggy. If I try to put a santa hat on Zack, I won't be able to take my avatar seriously.
  22. I was planning to use it for the special bosses that come after the last boss (Vanitas spirit, Freeing Terra, etc.).
  23. I got the guide book to Birth by Sleep yesterday. I'm so tempted to open it. Also, I know that I'm getting KH, KH2 and BBS for Christmas.
  24. *passes a club card to EeveeSkitty. * Welcome to the club. *Hides club card.* What's Reunion Files?
  25. I don't know how I loose her, but every time the kid steals my wallet I end up lost. Oh......um....Thanks for the tip about the map. I never noticed it somehow.