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  1. General Grievous - Disproportionately Slighted and Enraged “Do you really think you bullets and knives will save you? You idiots! I’ll have each and every one of your heads!” The General ignored this sentence. Honestly pathetic, like something a spoiled prince would say. The enemy reacted as expected; with elevated force. Two of the tentacle-appendages lashed out at the General, who rolled forwards as they both impacted the ground where he stood. For just a moment, he noted Utakata's strange transformation. I might want to ask how that's done later. See
  2. General Grievous - Attack at the Gateway! Chaos reigned on the battlefield. Twilight, clearly possessed of reason and power, called to the others present to back off and allow their agents to handle this. Feh. Does she really think I'm going to back off from an opportunity like this? ... Besides, this one seems more dangerous than the rest. Off in the distance, he heard loud clanking of metal, and thrusters. He turned to look back, expecting a ship, but instead seeing giant humanoid robots. Must be the reinforcements. I wonder if
  3. General Grievous - Attack at the Gateway! Lara asked about what kind of sparring that he'd asked Twilight Sparkle about, as did a smaller creature that looked as though it were a ball of water. What world would a creature like that come from? Maybe a water world, like Naboo? It's intelligent, so perhaps it's more threatening than it appears... Just as he was about to respond, the General heard something thrashing off in the distance. That doesn't look good. His augmentations made it out clearly: a human, but obviously not a normal one
  4. General Grievous - Gateway The Kaleesh's attention towards the great beast was redirected when Twilight Sparkle answered his questions. Recruits? You don't have to stay and work with us if you don't want to. You haven't been summoned by us. The Gateway is designed to pull existing anomalies towards it, so we probably prevented you from getting dropped elsewhere in the multiverse and landing somewhere dangerous. That is, it is very fortunate that you survived the jump! Everyone, if we find your way home, you're free to return to your world." For just a moment
  5. General Grievous - Gateway The General followed the conversations that ensued. Utakata reiterated the base tenets of his current situation for the benefit of yet more newcomers. As always, Grievous' mind was alive with thought. There being so many people in one place meant that the XDRS must either draw on a large number of dimensions for their recruits, or that all of them were brought here. Probably both, if there were as many dimensions as he suspected. Wouldn't it be something if there was a dimension in which I were Force-sensitive... That would be a fi
  6. General Grievous - Gateway Even as he felt a battle stirring, the human who'd asserted herself before did her best to try and break up the fighting, offering an explanation as to why they were all there. Grievous could tell she wasn't entirely in her element, but hadn't given an inch. She even disarmed herself in an attempt to build trust. Commendable, but now you're exposed. he thought. After the lava had been created, another human woman and a small mammalian creature had been badly injured, and was being carried away by what he assumed to be one of their
  7. General Grievous - Strife at the Gateway! The Kaleesh listened to what the human had to say. Something about the XDRS and alternate dimensions. He wasn't really paying attention; not until she mentioned places getting destroyed. Almost immediately, his mind made a connection to his situation. If there were forces beyond his comprehension that were rearranging the cosmos, and he'd been suddenly brought to this planet under their jurisdiction, then it could only possibly have happened because of the world-meddling implicating his own dimension. The Jedi are al
  8. General Grievous - Gateway Awakening. Steam and hissing noises escaped from gaps in the enclosed metallic device, parting its hinges slightly. After a moment, two appendages extended straight on both sides, articulating metallic digits, then bending at the elbows, before returning to a resting position. Soon, a pair of legs sprouted from the bottom, with retracted claws embedding themselves sharply into the dirt below. The figure slowly rose to a standing position. A deep exhalation. The yellow eyes of General Grievous opened, and loo
  9. Audrey, the Grave Robber (Just this for now. I plan to come back with all three of my current characters in due time.) After much time of roaming the XDRS headquarters, Audrey was fascinated by all she saw around her. Sure, the Gothic grandeur of the Ruins or the mansion upon the moor had their own appeal, but something this tidy and elaborate caught her attention. It was like no castle or ballroom she'd ever been in, with its lengthy hallways and constant attention. Nevertheless, she started to get bored, and inevitably wandered back outside again. Maybe sh
  10. I would like to reclaim two of my old characters, Hush and Audrey, in addition to submitting this new one. Name: General Grievous Origin: Star Wars: Clone Wars (2003 TV series) Info: A formerly-Kaleesh cyborg serving under the Sith Lord Darth Tyranus, General Grievous is a trained lightsaber duelist who specializes in slaying the knights of the Jedi Order. Abilities: Experience in lightsaber combat against Jedi Masters, including many existing styles and his own unorthodox methods Superhuman durability, reflexes, speed, and strength due to cybernetic enhancemen
  11. Creecurr, Arachnia's Brood The boy spoke of a seraph, and voiced his concerns that the land and sky were strange. Creecurr followed and held up his end of a conversation. "I felt that as well. This isn't my homeland; someone must have brought us here. I intended to go to that castle and find out why." The ettercap pointed a clawed digit in the general direction of the building in question. "Have you ever been to the Feywild?" Hush, Child of Void The Nobody's hands shuddered as it held the page in its hands. It l
  12. Hush, Child of Void (Bit of a short one this time.) Hush nodded, and then looked at his own drawing, which he had shown Sora and Evonna. "Hard to remember. Drawings help." After a moment, the Nobody held the paper to its chest with both hands. "Your home?"
  13. Creecurr, Arachnia's Brood As it wandered towards the castle of the day-walkers, Creecurr was addressed by one of them, asking him if he was also moving towards the castle. It also called him a spider-man, which he found justifiable from the standpoint of their kind. The ettercap turned to look at the one who'd spoken, who wore a resplendent white robe, accompanied by a small animal in its arms, and what appeared to be a juvenile with dark hair. I'm not really in a position to fight, and they don't look too dangerous... I hope my Common isn't too atrocious.
  14. Creecurr, Arachnia's Brood He felt... Tired. Like crawling out of a fresh moult. Still stiff, needing to stretch his limbs somewhat before feeling quite right. The young ettercap would have not thought twice about this feeling and slept a bit longer, were it not for the breeze. A faint wind brushed against its shell, alerting the creature to the absence of its home and fellows. The forests of home were dense enough that wind didn't usually blow through. Creecurr gripped the ground with one of its forelimbs. Grass, and beneath that, earth. It then
  15. Aeoleus & Audrey // Collabs are fun "...Huh?! You understood me...?" Aeolus seems to be trying to quell his shocked emotion. "... My name is Aeolus. I'm an Espeon from the Unova region... you said this was XDRS headquarters and that they were a... transdimensional group, correct?" Audrey nods in understanding. "It's a lot to take in, I know. " She waves a hand in the air dismissively, as if to demonstrate how little all this made sense to her as well. "Basically, the universe is breaking itself, and the XDRS' goal is t
  16. I take full responsibility for any phobias induced by this guy. (He'll be replacing my Mud People, if he gets approved.) Name: Creecurr, the Ettercap Origin: Dungeons and Dragons (Fifth edition) Info: Creecurr is an ettercap, a spider-like humanoid monstrosity that inhabits any number of the dark places shared by their world's breeds of giant spiders. Using predatory cunning, they feed and care for them not unlike a shepherd would tend a flock of sheep. Abilities: Web-Spinner: Creecurr has spinnerets much like any natural spider, and can create its own webbing using t
  17. Hush, Child of Void So, the traitor had agreed to talk. As had his new friend. Everyone needs friends. But what to talk about. "... Memories." Taking a risk for its own safety, the Dusk floated a bit closer to the pair. "Remember home?" Surely Roxas hadn't entirely vanished. Every Nobody could recall their past with great detail, so no doubt the Keyblade bearer would also recall his time at Castle That Never Was.
  18. Hush, Child of Void ((I'll probably do my colors in the morning.)) After realizing Yusei had better things to do, Hush decided to leave him be for a bit. He looks kinda busy right now. Maybe I'll go see if I can make some friends. But no matter how much he tried to put it out of his mind, his thoughts came back to the Keyblade bearer again. He was a killer. A powerful force, capable of releasing fallen hearts. He should have been an ally of the Organization, and yet he turned away from his own kind. Could the witch's spell have possibly take
  19. Audrey the Grave Robber Offering a short smile, the mercenary continued her intended explanation. "So, a friend of mine works here. Just arrived today myself, but she took the time to fill me in on the essentials." Then, she gestured to the castle doors. "This is the XDRS Headquarters, the home base for a transdimensional group that formed to restore the universe. You got dropped here because something happened to your own world, and fate thinks you could be useful in setting things right. You can stay here as long as you need, and then either go
  20. Unfortunately, my mother and father think I'm being difficult and just won't listen to the truth in front of me, so I have a very strong feeling they won't be paying for counseling if they think I won't listen anyways.
  21. Audrey, the Grave Robber (Yes, she's finally back.) After a long eye-opening conversation with Badu, Audrey still hadn't quite come to terms with this whole situation. To think that so many worlds existed beyond our own... Well, it's probably still better than fighting monsters. When they'd finished talking, she had requested time to think, and she took a walk around the planet. Not much to see, and it was always twilight, but at least it wasn't big enough that it took a while. Nothing like back home, where you'd never live long enough to cross all the
  22. It's me again. I've been here before, but has it really been since October that I posted? Whatever, here's a link to what I said before, since it appears my old one got buried. Some things have changed. My mother has told me I will, in fact, be able to attend school in September, but it doesn't really feel satisfying to hear that given my misgivings and current unhappiness with my situation. My parents still work a lot, with my father being out of town just as much before as now. The college strike has ensured my brother can barely come home at all, and my sister is hea
  23. Hush, Child of Void Hush listened contentedly to Stan's explanation, happy to know where this toy came from. That was the first word that came to mind for him; this would not be out of place among his other hobbies before the castle; coloring books, toy vehicles, stuffed animals. This room wasn't far off. I remember these... Predictably, the Nobody flinched when Stan glared at him, quickly sputtering out an apology under his gaze. Mud People, Earth and Water After meeting with the others and witnessing the near-occurrence of a
  24. Hush, Child of Void The Nobody dashed out from behind Yusei, whirling past him and Stan into the room. So many interesting things lay beyond, and its curiosity was overflowing. After looking about the room, its gaze passed over the poster, and then focused on the small electronic device on top of the dresser. With unusual deliberation, it grabbed the game console and stared at it for a few moments, before abruptly turning to look at Stan. "Where's it from?" Mud People, Earth and Water As soon as their new friend sto
  25. Mud People, Earth and Water The mud person who tried to touch Illidan's wing was knocked over. After a moment, it picked itself up off the ground, and stood around blankly while the argument between demons ensued in its vicinity. The other two were gathered around Pascal while she tried to make them a mudpit. "Deeper." One of them commented, noting that the current state of affairs would not be able to support a community. The other briefly tested the muddy water with its fingers, as if to assess its progression.