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  1. I am absolutely in love with ALL of the new dragons. They're beautiful!
  2. This contest is so much fun. I hope we do it again next year :3. I'm not very creative when it comes to these kind of things so I doubt my tree is going to earn me anything but I'm having fun voting for other peoples trees. Some of them are really creative and some are just plain gorgeous. Going back to voting now
  3. Wow this sounds truly amazing! I hope I can get at least an honorable mention
  4. I was gifted a Holly this year (thank you generous person). I'll definitely breed it next year but it doesn't have a super gorgeous lineage. Still it's a lovely Holly so hopefully someone will want it's babies Honestly I'm still hoping to find another though, a 2nd or 3rd Gen would be awesome but I kind of doubt it, maybe next year. Anyways really glad I got the one I have, they're such pretty dragons!
  5. I really love the renaming feature. Thanks TJ and staff. I hope we get the other updates in the near future =)
  6. That would be really awesome if there was! I can't wait to see how the biomes look. I hope we get new limits first. I could so use them right now
  7. I believe Socky already said that this would be the case. Or at least hinted that it would be. So hopefully pinks and flamingos will be in different areas, the same for spitefires and stripes. We'll just have to wait and see
  8. LOL I was thinking the same thing. I'm reading the posts after TJ's and thinking..wait a minute he said it's unlikely to happen tomorrow *shakes head* Not going to lie though, I'll still be checking at midnight just in case! I'm super excited for these updates still :3
  9. I can't wait for snow! We had a pretty big rainstorm last night but wasn't cold enough for snow I guess. Though I probably won't get any days off for snow since I'm in college now. They seriously NEVER cancel school unless they absolutely have to. Everyone thinks I'm weird but I love winter and snow and yeah D:
  10. I have been, I'm not quite to 400 yet so long way for me to go. Hopefully the new limits are one of the first features to come out so that I can work my way up to the Gold badge faster. I've mostly been trying to collect Reds and Pinks but I guess I should work on getting more Magis and purples too. I'm slowly but surely getting there!
  11. I have been wondering the same thing about pumpkin breeding next year. Maybe the Halloween dragons are the exception to the rule?
  12. Exactly! Plus it would help me not to be locked as much! O.O
  13. Thanks for letting us know TJ
  14. TJ's already made it clear we're not going to be able to breed Holiday x Holiday. I think it's because it would limit the amount of Holiday eggs being produced. Say someone has 2 Snow Angels and bred them together and got no eggs, then those dragons are both out of breeding attempts for the season but if you were to breed your Holiday x Common/Rare at least you've only used up one Holiday breeding attempt. I hope that made sense. Lol anyways.. I'm still really excited for all these changes. Can't wait for early December! (I really hope the new egg/hatchling limits are one of the first things we get!)
  15. 1. As far as Yulebuck's go I prefer: Yulebuck x Old Bright Pink Yulebuck x Winter Seasonal Yulebuck x Stripe And for a Holly I think the cutest pairings are: Holly x Winter Seasonal Holly x Old Bright Pink Holly x White actually if we did happen to have rarexrare breeding at christmas time I think Holly x Gold would be gorgeous! Now, Snow Angels. I actually got two CB White mates for mine but I'm thinking I might try to pair them with something different. Maybe Winter Seasonals or Nebulas *thinks* 2. Well Holly is the only one I'm missing and I'd hope for 2 CB parents but honestly I'd be happy with any lineage 3. I have 2 CB Snow Angels that I'll most likely be breeding with CB Whites & two 2nd Gen Yulebucks. One with a CB Yulebuck x CB Winter parents who I'd like to breed with a mirror pairing but since winters don't come out until the 21st don't know how that's going to work out. Then I have another yulebuck with CB Yulebuck x CB Stripe parents and I'll be breeding that one with a 2nd gen stripe from CB Stripe x CB Yulebuck. Err yeah, I hope that made sense lol!
  16. I was using my iPhone to "splash" this morning and my Just Keep Swimming goldfeesh evolved and I got my spiffy new badge! Yay
  17. Early December?! Woo! That's really pretty soon. *squees in excitement*
  18. Aww, the Terrae design is so adorable I want one :3 *looks through shop*
  19. I would think so. At least, I hope so. A new thread announcing the things that have been implemented and then more IN DEPTH explanations of each feature. Ha I'm the type of person who needs a lot of explanation to understand something fully. Anyways. I hope these do come sooner rather than later, I'm pretty sure we'll see at least 1 implemented before Christmas since it's already coded. Could be wrong though, maybe it will take them months to work out the kinks *shrugs*
  20. I've only done it once that I can remember. code is aSsS, name is Rear End. Hurhur I'm so clever..not :>
  21. I'd have to say..Her. Even though she's stubborn and never gives me golds. She's my best catch ever so far.
  22. Eeek, I hope we don't have to wait until 12/12 that seems so far away..Or i'm just really impatient :3
  23. oh now that would be cute! Or if we had little "stocking stuffers" to pick up around the site like the Halloween treats.
  24. My first four were a Skywing, Spring seasonal, Water & Sunrise. They all came off the AP because I didn't understand the cave drops when I first joined haha!
  25. Pretty sure I've been checking this thread like, every ten minutes waiting for some kind of news ^.^ I really want increased limits like naow