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I usually sit in #dctrades chan at the official DC IRCalways swapping with 2nd gen *PB colored* stripesmore wishlist and trade notes can be found in profileFollow Chibi-Silen chibisilen.png and visit my den!DIuserbar.gifMizashi.jpegeatw_userbar_d.jpgb4thechange.gif Join Life Happens dynasty on Yarold's and I'll be your clicking mentor.Looking for any egg with code silen in any upper/lowercase combo.

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    Perched on a branch, beware when you pass underneath...!
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    ♥ Special users ♥ arlymaye, buckskinmist, Chandler87, drabrugon,
    happymom, kayla, Raistlin24, Rinah, Serendipity, tridymite, yieldy

    Trustworthy traders:
    Achire, Adrak, Aeres, Agrona, albinosilver, Arkacia, Arula, Ashtoret,
    b0113062, BlueIce, Catlover3288, Cerberus, cottondragon, Daiyachiri,
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    tjekan, valarauka, Valfaris, Volcove, WinstonGA

    Worth-to-try list:
    - third even gen PB mixed *colored* stripes will be always welcomed
    - vampires *only* if CB eggs and bitten by an 'original 31/10/08' sire
    - Dorkfaces/Thuweds: no more than 3rd/4th gen, better ask me first
    - pretty *short gen* lineaged: checker, mirror and mixed breeds too
    they don't have to be above 4th gen for stairsteps/spirals and above
    3rd for even gens, with discontinued and / or event breeds ancestors
    in lineage, it is more likely of being accepted rather than other rares

    Do-NOT-offer list:
    - unbreedables (dinos, chicken, cheese, paper)
    - stripes lineaged with anything else than stripes
    - lineaged and CB trios (unless I ask by myself)
    - huge even lineages, since I don't collect them
    - too long and messy lineages, even if metallics
    Since replying to PMs just a quick "No thanks" to uninteresting offers
    made to trading posts is basic courtesy: 1st time *shrugs*, 2nd time
    *frowns*, 3rd time *blacklists*, and accordingly, it will be very highly
    unlikely that we will ever settle a trade up together in the next future.
    I am always glad to help in personal projects/lineages with 2nd/3rd
    either PB/mixed gen of almost anything; so, if you need something,
    just catch me at the IRC and PM me, I'll happily breed for you. ^_^