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  1. Travelling Asia!


    Travellers involved: Fuzzbucket, Dismissed

    Capitals travelled: Ramallah, Pyongyang


    (Dismissed - it is usual to keep your first 2 gen egg - but - well, I just couldn't pass it up even after I noticed that you hadn't ! xd.png)

    Given how rare pb golds are, okay maybe i would have kept it ?


    if i had kept it, i would have went greedy and tried to make it into a neglected. so it would be safer in your hands smile.gif


    Even if i dont nd it, it would probably never get to breed or get a name.

  2. Anyone interested to travel to PYONGYANG?

    YES, that once in a lifetime travel at last.

    Don't worry i wont send you nuclear warheads as long as i get ticket to your country.

    Safe return from pyongyang not guaranteed. *evil laughter*


    Air N.Korea?!

  3. I do take IOU but i can't make IOU. my scroll is actually kind of sucky. high lineages and so making it isn't really possible biggrin.gif


    but usually waiting for IOU is also usually waiting for a miracle to happen.

    well unless it's not some super rares or specifics.