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  1. phew just back for the holiday and i thought DC changed the eggs timing.
  2. anyone wanna travel to pyongyang? Rare travel! muwhaha safety not guaranteed http://dragcave.net/teleport/19fa4ad5b8b6f...874efda5aa9eb88
  3. Given how rare pb golds are, okay maybe i would have kept it ? but... if i had kept it, i would have went greedy and tried to make it into a neglected. so it would be safer in your hands Even if i dont nd it, it would probably never get to breed or get a name.
  4. Anyone interested to travel to PYONGYANG? YES, that once in a lifetime travel at last. Don't worry i wont send you nuclear warheads as long as i get ticket to your country. Safe return from pyongyang not guaranteed. *evil laughter* Air N.Korea?!
  5. just came on and saw the new eggs! Love them!
  6. got mine too! this year egg look so shiny and pretty! wonder how the adult form will look like.
  7. Gender on avatar. Anyone? GON x gold = got it GON x silver = got it summon = fail
  8. oh no. have to rebuild all over again! Awesome event!
  9. For this Christmas I would like a CB GW!
  10. Scroll Name: http://dragcave.net/user/Dismissed Forum Name: Dismissed What Eggs/Hatchlings would you like to be sat: my 2 xmas eggs How Long will you be gone: 27th - 31th. will be in the army ): What Sitter's list do you want to be on: anyone. since the list is all cleared.
  11. I do take IOU but i can't make IOU. my scroll is actually kind of sucky. high lineages and so making it isn't really possible but usually waiting for IOU is also usually waiting for a miracle to happen. well unless it's not some super rares or specifics.
  12. omg the adult is way too pretty!
  13. checking~ woah i am so new. :3
  14. Ok I will like to see more cb blacks because I only have 2. Which is very little. So I will join and not breed any of my blacks for 1 month and I will only breed the cb blacks for lineage purposes only.
  15. my 1st rare egg was an ice egg 3rd gen gifted by someone via tgt (:
  16. val 09 can breed however this year vals are impotent ): doesnt make sense right even though they have gender
  17. used it only once before. all 4 eggs un affected. so not using it again since so many saying here will hatch
  18. you kill an egg. after 2 weeks where does the broken egg shell go?