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  1. ahh the wait is killin me o-o im gunna keep chaning my tree like a mad person!!!!
  2. my trees just gunna look weird o-o
  3. aww. well ty for the help anyway.
  4. took down my funny mean post....... nobody appreciates attitude and good sarcasm.
  5. ugh the java images thing didnt work :[ skip it im not gunna play until after halloween when lag is hopefully gone :\
  6. screw it im goin to bed if dragcave people have any sense they run just the halloweens all day and fix the lagg
  7. this is total bs TJ its time to fix the lagg or just give everyone the eggs because it i can barely even get into cave and when i finally do those eggs have been taken already. i think its time dragcave learned how to fix lagg before they unleash amazing lookin new halloween eggs??
  8. I GOT EM ALL YAY!!!!!!!!!!
  9. 8:58 LAST EGG AND IM DONE!!!
  10. 3 more left and then i'm all about my mayhem eggs
  11. hunting for eggs oreo ice cream and a bewitched marathon plus tons of candy and eggs hatching. today has been good
  12. obsessive over that egg arent u :}
  13. well im not sure but most people are saying no and some are saying we keep them or something idk i guess its a wait n see thing
  14. can we stop with drama and arguing cause there's no point to it i mean duh people wake up to find cool eggs on "dragon cave" a sight were u hatch eggs some are gunna assume there for hatching or something else it doesn't make it better when u single the people out who were disappointed about it so lets ignore drama and "post for easter sunday happy hunting"
  15. FINALLY!!! i got a gold chained egg http://dragcave.net/easter/make_u_cry......... btw i just realized i had my tv muted and ive had my earphones in my ear listening to nothing for the past hour *blonde moment*
  16. EXACTLY! why are they picking on us for being disappointed?
  17. not really...... just disappointed i mean i like that we keep them n all i just had a bunch of ideas in my head and now poof! shot down .-.
  18. nvm guess there just gunna be pretty pictures after all........sucks
  19. i wish TJ would let us know if anything happens or not when this is over cause ive been thinking about what would be cool and i have some intresting ideas
  20. ugh! i want the gold chain one x[!! 15/38