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  1. Uh actually, NO, you did not. You said: it just seem kinda lame that people voted neg. cause some were overdone


    You're telling us how we should be voting for something because YOU personally like the trees. You better believe that people are going to respond to that.

    no i said to me it seemed lame to hate a tree because it was overdone i never responded saying "VOTE HOW I VOTE" now im trying to let it go and enjoy whats left of the tree event but ur kind of ruining it.

  2. rut row. It's starting to look like people are... fighting? over whether or not cluttered Christmas trees are good? All the trees are beautiful in their own ways. If you disagree about what a good tree is, well, to each his own I suppose. smile.gif

    ty i feel the same i hope everyone else can let it go and enjoy whats left of the event

  3. *snort* I think it's YOU that needs to chill out. Or what, are YOU the only one permitted to have an opinion? Because people actually responded, we're suddenly the bad guys. Uh huh. Alright then. dry.gif

    im not trying to make anyone feel like the bad guy i just tried to say that not all full trees are bad and now i have to defend my opinion.... which isnt very import to begin with because in like week nobodys gunna care anyway

  4. People are debating with you. You post an opinion, you're going to have people posting an opposing one. Nobody here is freaking out, just expressing their opinions; just as you have done.

    um i make a post sayin i like the full trees and a few people jump on me i mean god if u dont like maii post its not hard to just say u dont agree n let it go ....

  5. What you seem to be missing, or ignoring here are two things 1) there are THOUSANDS of trees so to say the trees YOU like are being spoken negatively about on the forums is false as you don't know WHICH trees are actually being seen by the people here and 2) an eyesore is an eyesore.


    It doesn't matter what the person who decorated had in mind really because none of us are psychic and know, what DOES matter is "what does this tree actually look like on the screen". If a person's initial reaction is OH DEAR GOD MY EYES! Then obviously that person should not be giving that tree a 10.


    I'm not sitting here going from MY EYES!!! to hmmm what was this person's motivation in creating...THIS. And then proceeding to give them a higher vote as a result.


    Voting is purely subjective. Period. If you like the "OVERdone" trees, then you are more than welcome to give every last one of them a 10. Just like those of us that DON'T like the overdone trees are free to give them 1s or 3s or whatever we want.


    While I understand that people are upset that the style of tree they created (like "overdone") isn't getting rave reviews, I think it's rather pointless and annoying to continually come into the forums trying to explain why you like the "so many ornaments you can't see the tree" style. I tend to give them anywhere from a 1-5 depending on if there's some kind of order to the chaos, but the more I see people trying to nag people into giving higher marks for these trees the less likely I am to go easy on them in voting. You're just shooting yourselves in the foot here people. Stop the nagging and just let people vote for the trees how THEY see fit, not how YOU see fit.

    ok people chill the freak out e.o i took the dang post down. geez sorry for trying to have an opinion e.o if this is the reaction i get i might as well just stick to brown nosing posts to get gpx and drgcave views.

  6. Sorry, but yeah, I probably will. Unless of course you have a cluttered tree but something ties it all together. I am sorry you put so much work in to it and then I will probably rate it low, but there is no way I can know how much time you spent, hence I can only judge what I see.

    ik and i did do some stuff to make it stick out but it kinda sucks cause i want a silver egg n now ppl are like "no u have to much we hate ur tree >xP"

  7. Not all are, true. But I really hate trees that are covered with ornaments for the most part. I just escaped that in real life this year, so it just brings back memories of my sister whining and hitting me because my older sister and I wanted a less cluttered tree.

    ya i get it im takin down the post cause now ppl wanna complain about it.

  8. I don't think so. I think people will vote for the trees they like, and that is how voting works.

    ik it just kinda gets me paranoid cause i used all the ornaments but put a lot of thought n creativity into it and now ppl are saying there gunna vote low just cause it has alot.png of ornaments

  9. Here is the thing. I don't really know what real christmas trees look like. I am not seeing these and thinking "oh, that reminds me of a big family tree" I am thinking "way to much stuff." For me I am not assessing, does this looks like a christmas tree, I am assessing, how does this look on the screen.

    ik everyone has there opinion and judge dif but im just sayin.... not all cluttered trees are bad

  10. Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion. If I told you to vote negatively on trees you like, would you do it? Probably not. And just the same will we not vote highly of trees we dislike.

    ik what your saying it just kinda ruins it when i see really good creative trees and then i come on here and ppl complain about them cause "theres to much". it just seem kinda lame that people voted neg. cause some were overdone