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  1. ya hopefully we've used up all the anger on the forum and it can be peaceful now.
  2. no i said to me it seemed lame to hate a tree because it was overdone i never responded saying "VOTE HOW I VOTE" now im trying to let it go and enjoy whats left of the tree event but ur kind of ruining it.
  3. ty i feel the same i hope everyone else can let it go and enjoy whats left of the event
  4. im not trying to make anyone feel like the bad guy i just tried to say that not all full trees are bad and now i have to defend my opinion.... which isnt very import to begin with because in like week nobodys gunna care anyway
  5. um i make a post sayin i like the full trees and a few people jump on me i mean god if u dont like maii post its not hard to just say u dont agree n let it go ....
  6. ok people chill the freak out e.o i took the dang post down. geez sorry for trying to have an opinion e.o if this is the reaction i get i might as well just stick to brown nosing posts to get gpx and drgcave views.
  7. ik and i did do some stuff to make it stick out but it kinda sucks cause i want a silver egg n now ppl are like "no u have to much we hate ur tree >xP"
  8. ya i get it im takin down the post cause now ppl wanna complain about it.
  9. ik it just kinda gets me paranoid cause i used all the ornaments but put a lot of thought n creativity into it and now ppl are saying there gunna vote low just cause it has of ornaments
  10. ik everyone has there opinion and judge dif but im just sayin.... not all cluttered trees are bad
  11. ik what your saying it just kinda ruins it when i see really good creative trees and then i come on here and ppl complain about them cause "theres to much". it just seem kinda lame that people voted neg. cause some were overdone
  12. i <3 messy trees o-o atleast the good ones anyway they seem more christmas like
  13. im seeing a lot of lazy trees and ones that have crap randomly out of nowhere and just messy ones... wheres the creativity and the effort ? o-o
  14. i hope i win! anybody see one where dragons are putting up popcorn, that would be mine :}
  15. if atleast win any free dragon my #1 choice is silver o-o
  16. cant wait till votin starts o-o
  17. wow lots of glitches lately o-o
  18. thank god i saved mine b4 all of this o-o
  19. i cant wait till i get the results o-o id be happy wit any of the rewards
  20. cant wait to enter x] ive been OCD about my tree all week!
  21. i luv the new ornaments cant wait to enter o-o