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  1. Woot! Hopefully I will get a Holly this year. More surprises? Sweet, hopefully more room for eggs or a leatle tree.
  2. My 3rd gen Thuwed, anybody have a CB sliver they could spare?
  3. Sounds fun, although I might suck Username: How often can you be online? Most days apart from Monday, up to 4 hours a day Which classes do you want to take? All, I guess
  4. T_T So new, Member No.: 52,337.... Edit: Joined: 16-December 09
  5. Cool! I haz dragon 'trick or treat'
  6. I get rid of them if they have long lineages but I freeze them usually. I love pretty inbred lineages though
  7. They're sad but I love them
  8. Hey Aunt *hugs* me too I wasn't around when they dropped
  9. Wow, I loved your story I never thought about it
  10. I didn't think you could make anything as good as Palktales but you have I bow down to you. PS. I luff ya too
  11. Well at the moment it has to be: it's epic win
  12. I love your Splices, they're great I love all of them but these the most ->, and
  13. Sorry if this is wrong but can I have that but without the thing on it's head. I was going to use it as a avi
  14. Here: http://img714.imageshack.us/img714/2964/eeveed.png
  15. Username: sarahfish89 Pokemons to use: shiny Espeon and Arceus Base pokemon:(If you want a splice) Arceus What do you want me to do with them?:(Recolors, splices, whatever you want) splice Versions of sprites:(Emerald, Platinum, etc) Platinum Other: nothing to add, I think
  16. thanks lenny, they look really good
  17. can you add me to the breeding list for BBW, Hellfire and the Nebula
  18. What do you need?: Banner How many would you like: 2, please Colour schemes: orange Size(s): 50x50 and 100x1000 Shape(s): none What do you want the banner(s)/avatar to say: egg and spoon race What pictures would you like me to use: picture of a white and mint dragon thanks
  19. cool shop Trainer: HG/SS female trainer in team rocket outfit Pokemon: Totodile
  20. Views: # -http://dragcave.net/view/RKqh - sarahfish89 14,010 UVs: # - http://dragcave.net/view/GQHT - sarahfish89 1,589 Clicks: # - http://dragcave.net/view/T04M - sarahfish89 55