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  1. I feel like I'm missing a bunch of items for having done the all the quests every day except 7?


    You get 3 items for beating each daily quest, there are 6 daily quests, so 18 items a day? Were you meant to get items for beating story quests?


    Don't worry, I'm a moron. You can repeat quests after main story.

  2. *flails* I'm here and I'm not sure why.

    I keep thinking about and I'm sure it's not healthy. I just feel so down at the moment, not sure why, but it's enough for me to turn something I shouldn't to help. Also, not talking to people. Nobody knows.

  3. Chrome at home, Safari on iPod, IE 8 or 10 in school and firefox on one school computer.


    Personally I'm definitely a Chrome person, despise IE 8 and below (they are just so terrible imo, I really miss chrome's features), don't care about safari and firefox is much loved on that school computer as it's not IE 8 <3