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  1. Have you tried tagging them like this? @Lucere Hope it's not a bother, Lucere! Or too late.
  2. Thank you! These new eggs and changes are really exciting to see!
  3. Oh wow! That's crazy.... I'm glad things have gotten a lot better since then.
  4. Thanks for approving my description! Just wondering, up to how many people can review the same pending description? I might have missed the actual number somewhere on this thread but I've seen 6 so far from what people are showing.
  5. Hi my name is Connor, the android sent by cybLF! I've been really into Detroit: Becoming Human lately and this code immediately made me think of Cyberlife. Super happy about it (I highly recommend this to any PS4 owners!)
  6. I feel like I have to agree as well. I'm seeing in this thread that people's definitions of "prize" and "special" have different interpretations according to individual playing styles, but I assume (and hopefully I'm not wrong) that the original intention of releasing these dragons was to reward a select number of people who all participated equally, or as equally as possible anyway (since I wasn't around for the first contests so I don't know too much about how horrible those were). Therefore, they win a special prize that one can't normally catch. I'm not going to lie: I'm not a
  7. To the lovely person who reviewed the description I submitted for my prize dragon (Higa) recently, I really appreciate the time you took to write out that message! Contact me if you want a 2G offspring from him. I will ask for proof, but that should be easy if you know who you are.
  8. I love the appearance of this dragon, especially the rainbow subtleties to the black coloring. I really feel like they'd match up well with a lot of Halloween breeds in particular. Here's some other pairings I thought might look good with them: Golds Silvers Black Marrow Script White Zyumorph Deep Sea Royal Blue Azure Glacewing Edit: Adding in a Snow checker too
  9. Oh wow, I think that has to be the longest line of prizefails I have seen from a single mate on a prize's progeny. Don't know if I could honestly ever have that kind of dedication, as I would find myself exasperated after around a month or two of trying. Congratulations on finally producing a prize offspring! And I've been wondering about your question too. Although I've seen instances in which the pairing is a Bronze Tinsel and a Silver Shimmer, and the offspring can either turn out to be a Bronze Tinsel or a Silver Shimmer, but not a mixture of between. I've also bee
  10. Yeah it's something to be noted that with the recent influx of CB prize raffles AND CB holiday re-releases this entire past year, many, many people are bound to have at least 1 CB holiday or CB prize dragon that are not replaceable mates. That's my biggest concern. What protection would we have against refusals when Fertility fails to work in those cases? The only solutions I can think of would be to counteract it with another BSA (i.e. to be able to "neutralize" the refusal), or to just simply make a refusal 100% preventable when using Fertility. If we're discussing which dragon w
  11. You know... this has always been on the back of my mind too, but since it doesn't happen often for me I've just left it there. But you do bring up some legitimate points, like with the recent increase in CB prize owners or 2g SA collectors and whatnot, or just in general other massive lineage projects going on. I personally haven't had many refusals since I religiously use Fertility on anything worth getting out of for that first time, but whenever I did get a refusal, I would just kinda sit there and think, "Okay soo.....what, that's it?" And would just shrug my shoulders and find another CB
  12. I'll probably do that, but it's a rare egg so I'm a bit pessimistic that it'll be returned. I did return an egg during this Valentine's event for free in that same way though, so here's to hoping karma will get back to me. Otherwise I'll have to try again, although the mate was a Celestial so that specific mate is locked for another 30 days (man, today's not a lucky day). But thank you for the kind words! It's not the end of the world, so I shouldn't be so bummed about it. If the person decides to keep it, then they of course deserve to.
  13. So I bred a very important egg and it auto abandoned because I forgot to unlock my scroll beforehand.... *sigh* Note to self, if you're going to go through the hassle of checking your scroll in preparation, using fertility and other BSAs to ensure success, and timing the button to breed the EXACT MOMENT breeding cooldown is over, make sure you clear your scroll HOURS beforehand because you WILL forget right before! And to think I knew and still reassured myself that I can unlock 20 minutes in advance. Biggest mistake and I won't do that again :/
  14. I'd love to! We might have to figure something out though, since mine gendered differently. We can discuss more in PMs if you'd like to trade lineages
  15. Oh hey, I have a sibling of yours Thank you so much @Nakase for these! My first 2G spriter's alts ^^ https://dragcave.net/lineage/fXKnc https://dragcave.net/lineage/BmLwh https://dragcave.net/lineage/qlwi7
  16. I'm definitely feeling a lag similar to how it was in early January. Luckily it got better for me just in time for Valentine's, but now it's getting slow again. I try not to go egg hunting in the caves because I can't catch eggs as well as I usually would.
  17. Have: ER 6th gen Sweetling egg, clean perfect checker from Pink with Aria as base Want: Any Bolt hatchling please, lineage or gender doesn't matter Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! ------------------------------- Also have: 2G Soulstone from Kingcrowne, father unnamed 2G Soulstone from Candelabra, both parents named Want: 2G Sweetling from Aria unrelated to this and this Not sure what else, may consider other 2G Valentines offers from Soulstone or PINK Sweetling maybe? PM me if interested
  18. (Edit: I posted these on mobile so the images were broken. Now fixed ) I find myself particular with these so far: But in general I haven't found too many to my liking compared to the Garland release. Still keeping an eye out... (sorry if any of these are duplicate images, somehow I couldn't catch all the posts scrolling through my phone so I may have to double check them) Quick edit for @Siliskor
  19. Thank you! And sorry for the late reply, it appears there's no way to turn on in-site notifications (besides email) for this post? Maybe I'll take a longer look around for that... As a semi-retired artist, I'm willing to take up commissions/trades for any 2G spriter's alt in exchange for a sketch drawing. Here's a sketch I did today of an OC dragon anthropomorphized for all those anime/manga fans out there. I'm not good at drawing dragons quite yet so I haven't come up with a concrete design or background for this one. But the rights can be passed on to anyone who
  20. Have: 2G Val '09 from Celestial Want: Would love a 2G Radiant Angel from Pyro Xenowyrm or Hellfire Wyvern, if anyone has any Otherwise can consider any other 2G Radiant Angel from Xenowyrm Please PM me if you do and are interested in trading!
  21. Bumping Still have left to breed: 1 CB Heartstealing and 1 CB Val '09 Want: CB Radiant Angel or CB Rosebud hatchling (or incuhatchable egg) PM me to discuss!
  22. Have: 2G Heartstealing from male Silver Shimmer Want: Exact bloodswap Otherwise can consider: 2G Soulstone from male Silver Shimmer 2G Valentines SA Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  23. Thank you for the detailed explanation! I didn't know about the adults and will definitely stay away from doing anything for CB limited edition dragons from now on. It would still be nice to see an adjustment on the Help section (on the Kill page or Breed Limits page) to address the availability of special edition dragons when they have a breed limit in place and what happens if they die/are killed, just to clear up any confusions or misunderstandings.
  24. Question... I did something pretty dumb and ended up killing a CB Valentines egg and just assumed I could get another one after 24 hours once it stops counting towards my scroll limits. But after 2 days it's still being listed under Breed Limit, 2/2 of the Valentine's Day dragon. Does it mean as long as the dead egg remains on my scroll for the remainder of 2 weeks, I can't get another Valentines of that breed anymore? That would suck if it did, since I didn't see any specific warnings about that mentioned anywhere on the Help pages.
  25. Have: CB Val '09 with 09 code (09h7e) Traded, thanks! Edit: Also picked up 2G Rosebud from Gaia Have to breed: 1 CB Val '09 and 1 CB Heartstealing Want: Incuhatchable CB Val '09 or hatchling 2G Heartseeker from Blue Zyumorph 2G Heartseeker from White Zyumorph 2G Rosebud from Script 2G Mutamore from Silver Still missing CB Rosebud and CB Radiant Angel Other items from red line in signature I've already held onto the Val '09 for a day, so I may just end up keeping it at this point unless I get a good of