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  1. New Egg Form

    Dragon Breeder: Sunfeathers

    Team of Breeder: Purple

    Generation of Egg: 7th

    Lineage URL of Egg: http://dragcave.net/lineage/ku0lx

    Transferring or Keeping: Sending to Ollie


    Oops Form

    What went wrong: Original grew up on my scroll

    Dragon Breeder: Sunfeathers

    Team of Breeder: Purple

    Intended Dragon Owner: Ollie

    Team of Intended Dragon Owner: Forest

    Generation of affected Dragon: 7th

    Lineage URL of affected Dragon: http://dragcave.net/lineage/4h5M8



    Ollie got in touch with me, so I'll be sending her the replacement egg. c:

  2. I was originally slightly against this, and now that I've thought about it more and read through this thread, I am even more against this. While I had no problem with the suggestion of allowing people to unfreeze their old holidays that they regretted freezing because of the new rule change, I do not like the idea of making freezing a reversible action in general. I see no problem with some actions being irreversible, even if they might cause regret later.


    However, my main issue with this suggestion was that it is an easy way to get around hatchie limits. This suggestion would essentially give people another 15 (or however many freeze slots that they had) hatchie slots. If someone was hatchling locked, but they still wanted to hunt/trade they could just freeze some hatchies and regain over a dozen slots. They could then unfreeze the hatchlings when the time limit was up, essentially getting to have their cake and eat it too.


    With the way freezing is now, players have to make the choice of if waiting till a hatchling grows up is worth the time that they have to take off hunting/trading. Even if unfrozen hatchlings were returned to 7 days time, it doesn't change the fact that the player was able to avoid putting in the time when they first caught the hatchling. Letting the player pick when they have the time and space to raise something is no better than instant adults, in my opinion.


    And no, I don't think that this is how people would usually use the feature, because I don't think most people have a huge problem with hatchling lock. However, I think that around holidays, this is exactly how people would be using this feature. I know that I definitely suffered from the hatchling limits this past Christmas, and if I had been told that I could just temp-freeze 15 (or is it 16? I don't know) hatchlings so I could hunt for more, that would have been a very appealing proposal.


    The only restriction that I've seen that would help to address this problem is Thuban's suggestion that unfrozen dragons would never breed. I think that it would be a logical consequence of freezing, and it would make people think twice before temp-freezing a dozen extra holiday hatchies. If that was implemented, I'd be totally okay with the idea of unfeezing (if anyone would even want it at that point). Obviously I'd also support the common sense restrictions like "must stay on scroll".


  3. Gotcha!

    Scroll name: Sunfeathers

    Threw a snow-ball at: munificent, Arula


    Hit me with it!!!

    Scroll name: Sunfeathers


    edit: Haha, forgot to put the return hits part.

  4. I wonder if TJ coded it so that the outcome is 50/50 if both parents are biome-less (bred) Coppers of different colours? Which I wouldn't mind, tbh! xd.png I've come up with a sort of plan to do an EG "Copper Alloy" lineage of random Coppers x other metals - just breeding, seeing what comes out, letting everything gender randomly where possible, and then breeding some more. I think the mixture of Gold, Silver, Shimmer(s?) and assorted colours of Copper could look quite interesting.

    I bet that'll look amazing when it's done. I really like the mix of colors that you've got going so far. c: Coppers are really neat because they have such a different blend of colors than any of the other dragons in the cave. It's too bad that they're so uncommon right now because there are loads of unique and beautiful lineages that could be done with them.


    Personally, I'd like to do Green Copper x Guardian, but that's my only pair at the moment. I have a couple more old Guardians I can use, but I'm fresh out of Green Coppers.

  5. New Egg Form

    Dragon Breeder: Sunfeathers

    Team of Breeder: Purple

    Generation of Egg: 6th

    Lineage URL of Egg: http://dragcave.net/lineage/0FKg4

    Transferring or Keeping: Transferring to Kirjava-Kitsune (Sienna)


    And I also bred myself a 7th gen

    New Egg Form

    Dragon Breeder: Sunfeathers

    Team of Breeder: Purple

    Generation of Egg: 7th

    Lineage URL of Egg: http://dragcave.net/lineage/foV8V

    Transferring or Keeping: Keeping


    Naming Form

    Dragon Owner: Sunfeathers

    Team: Purple

    Name of Dragon: EPIC Plot Twist

    Generation of Dragon: 6th

    Lineage URL of Dragon: http://dragcave.net/lineage/arfEh

  6. New Egg Form

    Dragon Breeder: Sunfeathers

    Team of Breeder: Purple

    Generation of Egg: 7th

    Lineage URL of Egg: http://dragcave.net/lineage/eHv5z

    Transferring or Keeping: Keeping


    They actually bred an egg this week! Hopefully my 5th gen pair will do the same next time, so I'll finally have a 6th gen to send to Kirjava-Kitsune. I have no idea why it is so hard to get an egg out of a Mint and a Bluna.

  7. I'd really like this idea myself. I sometimes pick up (and keep) blockers just to see if there is anything good behind them, and this would give me more incentive to do so. I'm not a very good catcher (just caught my first CB metal, after 4+ years), but when I do catch something good, it is usually because I also picked up the blocker before it. If this idea was implemented, people who pick up blockers would have an advantage because they know where the next egg will be popping up, while everyone else just has a 1/3 chance of being in the right spot. This might not be good for people who already can outspeed everyone else and get rares, but I would enjoy it a lot.

  8. Popping in to say that Team Purple and Team Sienna have decided trading partners which are: myself-Kirjava-Kitsune, Dolphine-olympe, blackhilllife-ainisarie, and Hawktalon-Zareni. Hopefully you'll be seeing egg/trade reports from us all very soon. smile.gif

  9. http://dragcave.net/lineage/0vbGL


    This is a really pretty temporary pairing c: Anyone want this egg?

    That is a very nice pairing indeed. I'm locked right now, but if you ever decide to breed those two again, I'd love an egg. Pretty Guardian lineages are always wonderful. <3


    I haven't posted here for ages, but I am inspired by all the beautiful lines that you guys are posting. I don't have any large projects going right now, but I've started doing a stripe project after I caught two black stripes in the AP. It's only at 3rd gen right now, but it'll grow.


    @Everyone who can actually breed their metallics: Could you give me some of what you've been putting in your water? Mine don't seem to have gotten the memo at all.

  10. I love these guys! Great job Mysfytt! I really like the circular pose, and I think that they'll go great with a lot of breeds. Can't wait to see what people breed them with.


    I haven't figured out which color is my favorite yet, although the silver ones remind me a bit of Haku from Spirited Away. <3