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  1. Wow that must have taken a long time to build up! Beautiful lineage.
  2. That's exactly what I needed, thanks! The weird thing is that I basically tried this yesterday when I was trying to group up my coppers but they didn't show up when I typed in "copper" in the name search. However that was when I hit the new group option from the page of one of my coppers instead of the general make a group page. Maybe this only works from the make a group page? Maybe my elderly laptop was overheating yesterday and couldn't handle it? I dunno.
  3. When I go to make a new group my dragons are listed alphabetically (with a couple exceptions for some reason) by their codes. Is there any way to switch the order that they show up in? It's a pain to try to find things like my 2 Wrapping Wings in a randomized list of all 3000 of my other dragons.
  4. I didn't win this time, but congrats to everyone who did! I'm disappointed to see the removal of custom codes though. I felt like that was half the fun. :c
  5. I got a female, which I thought was great since my one GoN is male. Of course she refused him immediately! I suppose it makes for a good description though. Some sort of godly rivalry.
  6. It's neat that we can check out other people's groups like that. Congrats to Starscream for really jumping on the new feature and being the first to make a group!
  7. Can confirm that freezing a hatchie will trigger the trophy switch up to platinum if you have enough dragons already. I tried it with a harvest and it worked fine for me.
  8. Cool! This all looks great! I'm especially excited about the return of raffles and I think a monthly thing sounds fun.
  9. Sunfeathers-> Scatterspark; Pink(Ycshu)
  10. All of the new sprites are beautiful! I love the flow of the pose on the tetras and how soft they look. The firegems are also gorgeous and they remind me of older video game sprites. I love the texturing on them.
  11. I'm very excited to see JereduLevenin's name in this release! They were the spriter for my beloved Hellfires but I thought they had left the forum, so I wasn't expecting any more of their work to come into the cave. It's too bad the the crystals seem to be at least uncommon so it'll be hard to collect as many as I bet I'll want.
  12. Came here to report the same issue. Color sort has always made some weird decisions (blacks next to cheeses??) but now it has decided to do some kind of gradient sorting thing where it breaks up my Red dragons (the literal red dragon breed) with a chunk of male vampires and then goes back to reds, then more vamps, then reds, then a crimson flare, then more reds, then a flamingo, etc. Once you get down to red nebs it seems to be fine but I have no idea what is happening at the top of my scroll right now. I'd love it if color sort made sense in general, but for now I would just like it to stop mixing the breeds like this.
  13. I think that the adults are pretty and I like the shading on the wings.
  14. I'm glad to see confirmation that the sprites did change. I thought I was going crazy! I don't have any particularly strong feelings about it because I didn't have a lot of time to get attached to the old sprites. Glad they swapped it before the adults came out I guess.
  15. Forum name: Sunfeathers PM link:PM Link List of Valetines I Can Breed: Val '09 even 3rd gen sample offspring1 sample offspring2 3rd gen stair with daydreams 2nd gen from black tea (don't have matching 2nd gen tea, so offspring will be staircase. Alternatively I've got this guy if you are ok with a not perfect checker) Sweetling CB x1 2nd gen from alt x Lurker potential offspring even 3rd gen potential offspring 2nd gen from Solstice (Don't have matching 2nd gen Solstice so would be bred as staircase) 3rd gen stair with Blusangs 2nd gen from white (would be bred as stairstep) 2nd gen from purple (would be bred as stairstep) Rosebud CB x1 2nd gen from Shadow Walker x2 (would be bred as stairstep) 2nd gen from Golden Wyvern (would be bred as stairstep) 2nd gen from Daydream (would be bred as stairstep) 2nd gen from waterstrider (would be bred as stairstep) 2nd gen with purple neb (would be bred as stairstep) 3rd gen stair with pink Heartseeker CB x1 2nd gen from Thunder (would be bred as stairstep) 2nd gen from swallowtail (would be bred as stairstep) 2nd gen from Stripe (would be bred as stairstep) 2nd gen from golden wyvern (would be bred as stairstep) 2nd gen from horse (would be bred as stairstep) 3rd gen stair from Ice 2nd gen from red neb (would be bred as stairstep) Arsani CB x 1 2nd gen from sunrise (would be bred as stairstep) 2nd gen from grey (would be bred as stairstep) 2nd gen from white (would be bred as stairstep) 2nd gen from daydream (would be bred as stairstep) 3rd gen stair with Thunder Radiant Angel CB x2 Heartstealing CB x 2
  16. I'm glad that I remembered the event this time. I missed the Mutamores last year and I don't want to do that two years in a row. They've been pretty scarce in the AP too, especially 2nd gens.
  17. I was all hyped to catch the new eggs but then I realized that I am still locked lol. I guess I'll check the event out instead.
  18. Wow hatchie wall! Amazing! I put a couple of my bred eggs into ERs, but only normal ones that were hidden behind the holiday wall. Thank you to whoever hatched all these ones!
  19. My Kyanite didn't dodge so well the second time, so I now have her zombie. Kind of unfortunate because this means I am keeping her egg and losing a spot for a Halloween but oh well. Also tried a Hellfire and only got dust.
  20. I got 1/3 so far, and unfortunately the one I wanted the most didn't take.
  21. Excited for the new breed! Also excited for whenever the lag dies down a bit and I can actually load a page. Happy Halloween!
  22. Ok now that I am finally on at night, I checked her sprite. Hilariously she still has a full size western zombie sprite. I actually prefer it this way, because if her sprite changes her description and name that I gave her years ago will no longer make sense. I know it will probably happen at some point but I'm enjoying my giant zombie pygmy while it lasts.
  23. I've got a zombie SeaWyrm (mother in this lineage), but I think the sprite is still the same as the western pygmy sprite. I haven't been very active lately so I haven't paid a whole lot of attention. I'll add her and all my other zombies to the sheet though!
  24. My pair actually threw an egg! I'll PM you with a TP. c: Of course I can't get a Horse egg out of my Rosebud, but my Snowangel is happy to produce a Gold. I hope this will shame her into producing this week so I can stop holding up the Ethereal lineage.
  25. In the end, I was unable to pass the hatchling to Ollie and it ran out of time on my scroll. Oops Form What went wrong: egg/hatchie never got picked up and it ran out of time Dragon Breeder: Sunfeathers Team of Breeder: Purple Intended Dragon Owner: Ollie Team of Intended Dragon Owner: Forest Generation of affected Dragon: 7th Lineage URL of affected Dragon: http://dragcave.net/lineage/ku0lx Replacement: none yet