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  1. Cool adults! I had a bit of trouble finding the head at first because there is so much going on. but once I did I really like them. The male cracks me up a bit because my family's green cheek conure will go into his tent and do the same curved puffy neck pose when he is upset.
  2. I tried this just for fun with a new CB Marrow, CB Caligene, and a couple Thalassas. Got a Thalassa from the Marrow but a fog ball from the Caligene. I think the Cave/Biome theory makes sense, although I am amused that this happened in the year we get some sort of glitch dragon.
  3. Thanks for the answers everyone! The sorting by time left makes sense, although I'm pretty sure it'll mean that some hatchies grow up still in the AP.
  4. So I was participating in the hatch AP Halloweens thread when I noticed that none of the hatchlings that I put back into the AP appeared to be showing up. It could just be poor timing on my part, but I checked this with several hatchlings and I saw none of them. In fact, I have not seen any hatchlings at all, even though they normally show up at the front. I was wondering if anyone else has seen any AP hatchlings or if hatchlings just go to the back now.
  5. I've been doing this, but I'm pretty sure that hatchlings go to the back of the pile for some reason. Normally hatchies go to the front but I let a few eggs hatch on my scroll and then abandoned them while watching the Ap and I never saw them go through so I think they are at the back of the pile. I forgot to record most of the codes, but the couple I remembered don't seem to have ended up on a scroll (or they could be on an anonymous scroll). I'm thinking that there is a real possibility that the hatchlings will just grow up in the AP and go to the wild. Not the end of the world by any means, but I'm a little confused as to why they don't seem to be showing up at the front like they normally do.
  6. My results for this year: Hatchlings: 1 normal revive 2 zombie 6 disintegration Adult: 3 Zombies 2 disintegration Pretty pleased with the results! I got some new types of zombie sprite that I didn't have before as well as working on my Halloween/zombie project. I also finally got around to making a Zombie group so I can find them when I want to.
  7. Possible glitch themed dragons this year? Looks promising!
  8. Here's my little shadow walker all dressed up as some sort of lady knight, although I may swap her outfit around at some point. I'm having a lot of fun with all the layering options! My visitor stats are as follows: 5 Grave 3 SW 3 Pumpkin 3 Desipis 3 Marrow 2 Witchlight 1 Caligene
  9. I can see everything except for the mummy wings, although that seems to be only for my dragon. One of my visiting dragons has mummy wings so I'm not sure what's up with that. I have done a couple hard refreshes but it doesn't seem to change anything.
  10. 3rd gen Pumpkin with Zombie ancestors up for grabs. Please give it a name if you take it! Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  11. Have: -3rd gen SW with 1/2 zombie grandparents Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! -3rd gen Marrow with 1/2 zombie grandparents Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! They are unrelated so you could get both and pair them next year if you wanted. Want: I'd love to swap with anyone doing any similar zombie lineages. Willing to take an iou, and would in fact prefer an iou if the egg won't be a Halloween breed. Otherwise I'm open to offers! I'd take a CB Halloween or pretty even gen hatchling for either.
  12. Oh snap, CB Halloweens?! Wow!
  13. Both of these guys look excellent! I think the color schemes work really well and I'm sure there are going to be a lot of really nice lineages with them. I'm kind of sad that I won't be able to breed the two-head with this years valentine because I think that they would look great together. I'm crossing my fingers that the green spinels can be caveborn at some point just for lineage sake, but I'd accept them as lovely bred alts also I guess.
  14. Wow, the adults are lovely! I especially like the blue-green Carinas. However, I'm not seeing breed descriptions on either of these guys pages. Is that intentional or what?
  15. I was in the path of totality and it was really incredible! I wasn't able to take any good photos with my crappy phone camera but it was amazing to see the light flares around the sun. The sky was dark enough that I could see a few stars and there were these rippling shadow effects that were cast on the ground just as totality started/ended.
  16. Rosebuds give White, no luck with any other pairing this time
  17. I like Chrono x Aeon especially with the lit up sprites (example, offspring of one of my pairs). I think the time theme is fun and I've been planning to do a larger lineage with them, although I haven't had a whole lot of luck catching either in the cave so it's slow going.
  18. I am not a fan of the way the "recently browsing" feature works. Currently it displays your own username to you if you are logged in anonymously but does not display it to anyone else. The problem is that there is no indication as to the fact that you are logged in anonymously and it looks like your name is visible to everyone. It's quite possible that other people don't mind this at all but it's driving me nuts and I would love to see it changed. My proposal is to somehow alter the way "recently browsing" looks so that it is clear when you are logged in anonymously v. non-anonymously. I've made a couple mockups as to what it could look like. Option one is just not putting down the username at all on anon mode and option two is changing the display to Username(anon) instead of just Username. Another possible alternative could be italicizing your name when you are anonymous. I am open to any other suggestions that people have too!
  19. I would love to have this! I like wondertrading in pokemon and I see no reason why I wouldn't also like something similar here. Personally I'd probably use it as an easy way to send nice eggs out without having to go to the forum and post in one of the gifting threads or just dumping things into the AP. I think having it be always one thing offered up and matching eggs:eggs and hatchies:hatchies would make the most sense to avoid scroll limit problems. I don't if having it every hour would work out or not, but I'm sure that could always be adjusted easily if needed after implementation. It's hard to estimate the amount of people who would be using it at any given time without any data.
  20. Tan egg from Purple x Tan ridgewing checker c: Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  21. Cool thanks. I would prefer not to see myself at all because it makes me think I've forgotten to go anon, but I'll adjust.
  22. Is the anonymous option still a work in progress? I've been checking the box but I can still see my name in the recently browsing box under threads. I am also getting notifications on posts that I didn't check the "notify me of replies" option on, so I'm guessing there are still a few kinks in the system.
  23. I use rainbow sort on my scroll and it appears that breeds aren't randomly mixed up anymore. Anyone else experiencing this? I'm hoping it sticks around.
  24. We haven't had new hybrids in ages, so I'm excited for these guys! Sunsong x Sunrise/Sunset sounds like it will be especially beautiful. Can't wait to see adults!
  25. Wow that must have taken a long time to build up! Beautiful lineage.